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Friday, January 9, 2015

Nuke Playbook, Get Utility Commissions to Throw the Rate Payer Under the Bus, Davis-Besse for Example

They are rolling out this playbook in Illinois, now in Ohio.

They want to pretend that low CO2 is very valuable.   It is not.    

Here is a comment I placed at the article:

It is simple, nuclear is too expensive, there are way better ways to make electricity.

This plant is almost 40 years old, that is the max design life.    They are only trying to suck out additional profits.

And many people are catching on.    Global warming has stalled for 18 years,   It is probably a cycle that is over.    And CO2 has only a very small causitive effect of any said warming.       Volcanos make 97% or the CO2, humans make 3 percent.  

So that is a very irresponsible reason to allow a radioactive nuclear criticality to occur in your home town to boil water.      Because the whole CO2 thing is a lie.   Read up folks. 

And you probably know that they most dangerous part of a nuclear plant is the used  fuel.    it becomes super radioactive.     If you had a pallet of used fuel, in the endzone, and you started running at it from the other would drop over dead at about the 20 yard line!      

So if this plant gets an extension to its operating license, it will make hundreds of tons more of this highly deadly material, and the NRC will make them keep it on has to be cooled continuously or it goes on fire and releases all of its radiation into your community.     It kills entire countries.    

Here is info on CO2, Global Warming
Wake up, the nuke plants hire experts to tell you lies, it sounds good until you dig in.

OAK HARBOR, Ohio — FirstEnergy Corp.’s Davis-Besse nuclear power plant has an economic impact of more than $1 billion a year on the Ohio economy, according a study released Thursday by the nuclear industry’s chief Washington trade group.
The Nuclear Energy Institute’s study estimates Davis-Besse’s current value at $1.1 billion statewide, including $805 million to Ottawa County.


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