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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Polar Vortek Plunge, Proof that Global Warming is a Farce!

New Proof that people prefers bikinis over 1) Global Warming, 2) Radiation, 3) Asteroids, who'd of thunk it?
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 The Polar Bear Plunge is an annual event in Milwaukee, it takes place at Bradford Beach, with the main Plunge at around 12:00 Noon.

None of my friends wanted to participate or be support crew, so we decided to take the dogs and check it out, just to do something a little different on New Years.     There was a least 1000 people there, and we got there right before noon and had to park almost 2 miles away.

It was around 20 degrees and with a pretty stiff wind.    This first photo just shows that even 20 degree weather doesn't stop Wisconsin people from enjoying their sports.

A couple girls enjoying the day on the beach....Hey why does that guy have a drysuit on?

   You have to be freakin' kidding me!
Here is a great sequence showing a family going for the full on Plunge!   Launching from Ice!

 Hana says hey that water looks great, I can handle it!

We didn't let the dogs go in....our car was 2 miles away, it was so packed for this event.  It was easier to park at the Banzai Pipeline Triple Crown of Surfing, no joke.     They would have been frozen dog hair!


This is one of the fire rescue guys in drysuit, he came up to us to talk about German Shepherds

Every one was super friendly and everyone loved the Shepherds

  Uh, the plunge is over ....oh wait, maybe they are just getting ready, no wet hair!
  Oh ya, make sure to check those text messages while you are in your swim suit at the beach, in January! LOL
 Plunge time!
All the rules fly out the fires, open alcohol, dogs not just allowed but respected on the beach.....

Its like a different universe, the laws of physics and heat no longer apply!  

 Uh, is being totally red a good thing, I mean it is not exactly like a tan, lol
 This guy is just wacky, he plunged 10 minutes ago and is still walking around like this


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