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Sunday, January 4, 2015

There, fixed the United States, hope this isn't a Kennedy Moment.

Agreed, we need to cut the Fed Big Gov back to it's only legal duties AS LISTED CLEARLY in the constitution.    I would also modify the constitution to give them two additional duties, and that would be for management Recreation through existing national parks.  And for construction and then oversight of a National Energy Grid and storage system.

These national park Fed Management area would only be the parks which spanned across 2 states or more.   Any existing parks totally within 1 state would become State property and managed by the State under the caveat of it would have to remain a park and could not be "sold off" or rented, however sustainable lumber harvesting and hunting/fishing would be allowed.

Because reducing the Fed Gov down to mandated duties only would reduce the size of Fed by 85%, those 85% would according to their ability become the designers, builders and operators of new system of nationwide super cooled (no resistance no power loss) interconnections that provide diversity of power sources to aid high levels of renewable energy onto the grid.    It would also include storage such as pumped hydro, air pressurized salt caves, battery farms, and other technologies TBD.    It would also include solar farms.   Wind would not be overly emphasized in new construction, only in the best of the best areas, and none in the ocean or great Lakes.

For those without applicable skills, they would just have to get another job.   Because of the reduction in government size, the economy would have a burden of $800B a year lifted from its shoulders, and the resulting velocity of useful money would result in myriad other growth industries.    Those unable to find a job would be given up to 12 months of "unemployment" which would be roughly 2/3 of their prior wages, but not benefits.     However, this would not just be unemployment, it would consist of 24 hours a week of real work in community service, such as enhancing our Federal and State parks, and rebuilding our nations aging infrastructure. 

Some of these jobs would be with private companies who would get these employees at "bought down rates", and if they were full time jobs (now 44 hours per week) the employer would pay 50% and the Small Fed would pay 50% and that would last for a period of 2 years.    The reality is that most of these federal workers have no idea what actual productive work is, and many just won't cut it in a real workforce.    1 to 2 years would give them a chance to adjust to actual work, or to adjust to a lessened lifestyle.    After 2 years, the 50/50 private employer split would reduce to 75/25 for the next year.    This would start putting the burden squarely on the real companies, with an obvious incentive to get rid of the dead wood, i.e. those who just couldn't adapt to real productive work.

The big kicker, all those Feds that lost their Fed jobs....sorry you lose ALL your pension benefits of any kind, and you get an allocation into social security.    Is it fair?   Not really, but we need to shed the burden of overly large promises that have already been made.   These Fed workers have lived on the shoulders of hard working citizens, some for decades, it 's time to share the pain.

There fixed it.

And there is plenty of Fat at the State and City levels too.     But we can't fix everything all at once.    The plan above for the Feds is already a new paradigm.     But a simply law shall be required to be adopted by all States, and that shall also rule over the cities in that state, and/or county governments when such exist.   

The bombshell: No Federal, State, County, or City government worker shall be paid more than an equivalent work task in the private sector in that area.    The pay transition to equality shall occur completely withing 2 years, with a 50% move in the first year.
Turns out this is trickier than I thought, a Zerohedge reader listed the following also

10) Audit the Fed Completely in all it's programs
9) End the FED
8) Get Apology from Each Fed President, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, and Alan Greenspan
7) Replace all of Congress with Farmers
6) Place Huge Limits on Monsanto Business Practices, Force national GMO Labeling, Conduct Long term Studies on All GMO Products
5) Break up all TBTF Wall Street Banks, Reinstate Glass-Steagal, Pass a law against Bailing out Wall Street Banks and any Bank with Capitalization of over $400 Million Dollars
4) End QE
3) End ZIRP/LIRP, let the market find Interest Rates between 2% - 10% (We can't afford rates near 8% already)
1) Freeze Federal Budget Ceiling at Current Level, Begin Process of Cutting Contracts, Offices, Agencies, DHS, CIA, NSA... cut NSA Domestic Spying, End the Patriot Act, Censor George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and their Attorney Generals... Close down 50% of Foreign Military Operations/Camps... Close Southern Border... Start Public Banks in each State so that Lending to People can become Important Again... Find a National Ceiling on Credit Cards for Individuals... Freeze State College Tuition ... Establish Limits on Civil Lawsuit Liabilities & pair this with Heavy Enforcement and Penalties on businesses that Damage people and incur Civil Suits that they Lose... Put a limit on the Money Spent by Giant Wealthy Entities in Civil Court against middle class or poor Americans... Figure out how to make People more important than Corporate Interests without it costing government money or putting businesses out of business... Figure out how to change the health Care system so that Doctors get the profits not Insurance or Huge Health Corporations.
Data on earnings of local municipal employees, including names, pay and benefits gathered by Transparent California – the state’s largest public-sector compensation database – was released in December.
The data, which was previously unseen, shows that average compensation for employees of the greater Sacramento area’s 26 cities was $109,785 in 2013, according to a press release from Transparent California.
Among the highest-paid: Roseville City Attorney Brita J. Bayless and Roseville City Manager Ray Kerridge, who earned $362,433 and $356,208, respectively.
Other Placer County staff listed include Rocklin City Manager Ricky Horst and Rocklin City Attorney Russell Hildebrand, who earned $273,878 and $289,550, respectively.
David E. Miller, the community development and public works director for the city of Folsom, earned $246,794 last year.
The peasants.. :)

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