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Thursday, January 29, 2015

URS, in charge of WIPP (blown up), Sellafield (recently sacked), and LANL (now in breach of top secret security)

When an entity is corrupt to the core (so to speak) at some point they push it so far that it is obvious to everyone paying attention.

One of these companies, involved with over $100B of contracts using YOUR hard earned tax money, to clean up the radiation cartels old waste.....has finally come into laser focus.


URS was a JV partner at WIPP, they hired a guy named Mohammed Farok Shariff  to crank up it's operation from 2 shipments a week to 30 shipments per week.   And then it had a Plutonium and Americium explosion in the deep disposal dump that shut it down.   This explosion happened on Valentines night deep in the country, at a plutonium dump.   

Then URS was in management running Sellafield in the UK when in late 2014 pictures came out of the horrendous way they had been "managing" one of the most deadly contamination sites in the UK.     A month later they were sacked, losing a $60B contract.

Today, Federal investigators indicate that Los Angelos National Labs practices led to improper release of National Security Information.     Who do you think was in charge of the security at LANL?

Well finally it wasn't URS, it was Los Alamos National Security LLC---- LANS LLC
 Oh but one thing-----  LANS LLC was run by URS and Babcock and Wilcox, and excuse me...the University of California.     What the heck is U of California involved in security?

But just a few months ago the National Nuclear Safety Administration NNSA docked LANL management 90% for their role  sending improperly packaged waste containers to WIPP which ended up in a Plutonium explosion inside the waste dump/mine, shutting it down, and costing taxpayers at least $1000 M to get in back to function, if that ever happens.   

Oh wait....who was running LANL, not just the security, but the operations?

Story background here
Here are come comments from LANL employees

  • Thanks Patrick for your report. We can only hope that because the Obama administration takes its time to make changes (i.e., the VA), that it is also quietly in the (slow) process of terminating the LANS contract for cause. After the mishaps of the nuclear materials and safeguards upgrade project, the indefinite closure of WIPP, and now the failure of a senior security manager, who earns the equivalent salary of a member of Congress and the Vice President of the United States, we can only hope that the termination of the contract is weeks away and hopefully not months. A friend who works at the Lab recently told me that every employee in her organization is required to provide a joke at a staff meeting as management's attempt to improve morale. Here's one for your meeting: How many managers does it take to secure classified information? Answer: I don't know, how much does the job pay?
  • Chris Mechels posted at 10:26 am on Wed, Jan 28, 2015.

    Chris Mechels Posts: 249
    This is not a new problem at LANL, it is a very old one.
    For instance, in the well known Wen Ho Lee case, the REAL story, which the media never picked up on, was that some of the files Lee transferred were classified PARD (a less restrictive classification) when they should have been classified SECRET or TOP SECRET under the guidelines. Lee did not assign the classification. Why were the filed classified at the lower level, by LANL management? For ease of handling. It is burdensome to handle the higher levels. This problem should have led to the firing of some top management at LANL, but was ignored.
    The same holds for the famous "missing discs" of that era, which "turned up" behind a copier. Those discs were also improperly classified at a lower level to make handling less burdensome. Again, an investigation could have led to firing of top managers, but was ignored. In this case LANL Counsel and Senator Domenici intervened to block the investigation.
    The section I worked in at LANL routinely violated security, for ease of handling. I discussed this with my line management, and was ignored. Others had the same experience.
    Classification at LANL has always been a problem, one that is swept under the rug. With the present management this is likely to continue.
    Mr. Prince is right about the budget. He is wrong about the dysfunction, which is due to LANL management, not DOE


  • Joseph Hempfling posted at 7:41 am on Wed, Jan 28, 2015.

    joehempfling Posts: 393
    LANL has lost it's "cold war" Mission and has become an empty shell of it's former self and needs to be converted to a PEACE MISSION and stop building Weapons of Mass Destruction designed to obliviate the World and us, with it ! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. KEEP IN MIND THE DOOMS DATE CLOCK I.E. OBLIVIAN HAS RECENTLY BEEN MOVED A WHOLE THREE MINUTES FORWARD ! OR are we waiting to see the Nuclear Cloud on the horizon?


  1. Yes, I can see how a disc could get lost or a laptop stolen. I do not see how 5000 drums of Plutonium and spontaneously detonating high explosive could get packaged, then shipped by LANL and then routed and stored by the DOE at the WIPP. That would be impossible...right? Peace

    1. Ya TY ISPC, truth is stranger than fiction.

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