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Friday, January 23, 2015

Video of Fukushima No. 4 Reactor Building Blowing up

Finally, this was reported by or-well at ENENEWS

The video quality is poor, but this is still very useful

would like some Citizen Scientists to weigh in on this issue

I found a thermal image photo on the old "nukepimp" website when Anne pointed it out. The reason GE was on site, was that at the time of the accident, they were actively changing out the "Shroud" which is an inner lining on the reactor, that help protect the reactor steel from neutron and other radiation damage.

With MOX there is a lot more neutrons flying around. Neutrons will activate other materials that don't normally become part of a radiation family tree. The reason that there was a 10Sv source on a steel tower between reactor 3 and 4 is because of an open air fission criticality that "activated" the tower.

So at Unit 4 Fukushima, GE was changing the shroud and they had the equipment pool chock full of MOX fuel assemblies. This is the fire that the NRC FOIA documents talk about. A fire, a melting, an open air criticality. And then finally, a massive blow up of MOX fuel, liberating Plutonium and other nastiness into the atmosphere.

Pictures at such at this link

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