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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What the Frack!? North Dakota Gives Argonne Money to Say That 10 Times More Radiation Is Safe for It's Taxpayers

rogerthat at ENENEWS, is always coming up with great stories related to radiation.

 Here is rogerthat's quotes and comments
North Dakota: oil producers aim to cut radioactive waste bills
WILLISTON, N.D. Wed Jan 28, 2015

…North Dakota's landfills currently can only accept waste with radioactive material up to 5 picocuries, a measurement of the radioactivity found in a gram of material.
A banana has, on average, 3.5 picocuries of radiation.

Last year, state officials commissioned Argonne National Laboratory to study what the safest levels of radiation would be for landfills. The answer: 51.5 picocuries. Armed with that information, the state's Department of Health is seeking approval to boost the level for in-state disposal to 50 picocuries…

"This is all a part of our efforts to protect the health and safety of North Dakotans," said Scott Radig, head of the department's waste management division, which late Tuesday extended the public comment period to March on the rule change. …

- safe as bananas … 51,5 is ''the safest level'' … and we're doing this ''to protect the health and safety of North Dakotans''.

Yeah, right
Stock chiming in here

ya rogerthat, Conca said its no problem, then tries to distract with VOC's, and finally, a comparison to a potato chip (same as banana lie K40)

check it out here if you have a strong stomach, please leave a comment for big Jim

PS the frack fluid contains uranium and radium.   Uranium is deadly as a heavy metal and mildly radioactive, Radium is a deadly Mohammed Ali style Alpha radiation sucker punch.

so no, I don't see these being anything like a banana even if the "disintegration" were the same.   And uranium and radium stick in your body, k40 regulates out within a day.

The comparisons are criminal in nature.     Those who know insist on lying in this manner.

Here is the Conca Shill

  • Fresh 1 day ago
    Ruh ruh, I sense the “potato chip” deflection. Trying to compare deadly internal alpha radiation to the relatively benign radiation from the potassium in a potato chip, is an improper comparison.
    It is a lie to get people complacent, as in, who would be scared of a potato chip and stop eating them….and if not that, why regulate fracking. A government study which breaks out the PCD Potato Chip Deception cannot be trusted out of the gate.
    • Called-out comment
  • Author
    James Conca James Conca, Contributor 1 day ago
    Not improper at all at low doses, they are corrected for biological factors. If you think beta from K-40 is less deadly than other rad, you don’t know much about radiation. There’s no worry about complacency, irrational fear is too widespread. But the whole point is fracking’s problems have nothing to do with radiation, they’re all about toxic volatile organic compounds. Toxic chemicals are much more of an environmental threat than radiation has ever been.
    • Called-out comment
  • You just cant seem to understand basic radiation effects, either internal or external. First you say “deadly alpha radiation” without really quantifying what is a deadly amount. Then you assume that the intent is to get people complacent over eating potato chips. You eat many naturally radioactive foods that emit alphas. Pretty much a certainty if the food was grown in the ground. How about you going to school to learn some basic radiation effects. You just dont seem to get it in your posts here.
    • Called-out comment
  • Fresh Fresh 1 day ago
    Turd, you seem to have an issue with understanding intent. Its laughable that you state my intent was to get people complacent over eating potato chips. My comment was pretty clear that the intent is to get people complacent over radiation….because sheesh, its everywhere, even in potato chips.
    Please list your alpha emitters in food, you know the ones commonly found in stuff grown in the ground.
    • Called-out comment
  • Fresh Fresh 1 day ago
    Actually i know quite a bit about radiation. And the “banana lie”. And yes, beta from k40 does a lot less harm than alpha emitters which will have a W(r) of at least 20 and maybe even 100. So that is 20 to 100 times more dangerous in the old school way of saying “quality” of the radiation. Plutonium has a W(R) of 112,000 by some accounts, it is an alpha emitter.
    I agree that VOCs are very important. But to dismiss the importance of radiation as a danger, using the ol banana or potato chip lie cannot go unchallenged.
    People are a lot smarter after Fukushima, and do not take these types of lies and false analogies lying down.
    At WIPP, the president at the time of the Plutonium explosion, Mohammed Farok Shariff, stated that inhaling plutonium was like “a dental Xray”.
    We don’t accept those lies either.

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