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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIPP Has Some Real Water Problems, It is NOT a Safe Repository for Nuclear Waste

At this "only nuke can save the world and the USA" article, the responses to my comments was somewhere between dismissing without research, and rabid ad hominems (false arguments)

Water ...? In a salt mine? Not so much.
See the incident reports on the WIPP site:

Incorrect Mike, it is really the case, now and 15 years ago.

''The National Academy is very familiar with the WIPP site,'' he said. ''The Academy must step in and find out if the brine water poses a serious threat.'' Scientists will hold a hearing in Albuquerque on Feb. 15, and a report is expected to be published in March. Seepage Is Evident Below

And this just from December 2014

Another recovery process update involved pumping water out of the sump, or pit, that has built up. Workers have not been able to pump the water out of the sump on a regular basis since the February incident.

Reynolds said if all the water is pumped out of the sump, then the waste hoist can be used.

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