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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alaska Radiation Researcher Admits and Real Research on Fukushima has Been Shut Down by US and Canada Governments.

From "Bo" at enenews. through personal email I have confirmed that she is not a troll, she really has a cat, and she really has way too much snow, LOL! And now she has a real geiger counter! The nuke industry is in trouble! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Norbu & DID..I hope your weekend was good. Since I already wrote to you both over e mail.. instead of spilling an 'OMG thank you!!!!' post here on enenews, I decided to express my thanks to the community by contributing a report of my phone coversation with Dr. D a s h e r from U of Alaska. Not sure if you saw my post last week but I talked to KB ( from WH0I) on the phone last week – and KB instructed me to call this Dr. D a s h e r. So I left him a message on Monday, not expecting at all to get a call back.. but he called back (!) on Friday, and gave me a generous & sincere 30 minutes on the phone. If you are not familiar with Dr. D a s h e r, he is featured here ( note esp. Sickputer's post in the comments there)→ Report comment bo bo February 22, 2015 at 5:50 pm Log in to Reply ..Of course I had many questions for Dr. D a s h e r, but I tried to break down the conversation into simple practical 'yes or no' answers. My main question was: 'will you, Dr. D a s h e r, be interested in doing radiation analysis of the organ samples currently available at the Marin County Marine Mammal Center?' His answer: No. he's not accepting samples. U of Alaska already has their freezer brimming with organ samples from ring seals to Beluga whales, and nobody has measured them yet – no funding. 'That's BS !!! Just go in there and wave a geiger counter!!' You might say.. but.. as Dr. D a s h e r painstakingly explained - in order to measure organs in a scientific manner, one must grind up tissue then dry them up to yield 1/2 kg. Then, that sample is monitored with a scintillator over a period of 2 full days..the average calculated from the charted numbers spanning 2 days – & THAT is the accepted radiation of the sample tissue. He told me ( with sincerity, I thought ) he has even taken time out of his work to do volunteer free hours to measure here and there, but that is not enough to create enough data for scientific research. Report comment bo bo February 22, 2015 at 5:53 pm Log in to Reply ..He also told me.. funding for his research on marine mammals and radiation was cut off completely last year, and currently there is also nobody in this country that is receiving funding to measure radiation of the ocean water either. This is why, even KB has to crowdsource each bucket of water from the general public. I remember codeshutdown pointing out how ridiculous this was: 'when there's 90 MILLION in funding for WH0I last year ( which, apparently was a drastic reduction from 120 million from year prior) , how is it that KB has to ask the general public to test each bucket of water… ???!!' Well..I started to see this picture through my conversation with D a s h e r… that '90million' given to WH0I, for example, is split into different research themes – like 'ocean acidification' ( a corporate funding favorite) or 'deep water mineral research' ( another fave) and the funders make sure it's used for THAT and THAT purpose only, and…( I'm guessing this last part →) they make sure as HELL NO $$$$$ goes to radiation monitoring. Report comment bo bo February 22, 2015 at 5:57 pm Log in to Reply Dr. D a s h e r : ' For example, I know the way Ken manages is sometimes he'll piggyback some of his radiation research on boat trips funded for other purposes… ' Slipping a note here: Here's the most recent fund granted to WH0I.. 'WH0I Scientists Receive $1 Million Grant from MacArthur Foundation for science-based climate change adaptation solutions for coastal communities' Perhaps… there are even penalties for those that measure radiation ? (the supposed drastic cuts this year for WH0I?) Report comment bo bo February 22, 2015 at 5:59 pm Log in to Reply The other question I had was 'why did you measure only cesium in the tissue and not strontium or plutonium?' - Answer: U of Alaska doesn't even have the proper set up for strontium measurements (nor plutonium, which is even harder) He told me a long story how in the 60s there were extensive samples and measurements being taken by the government everywhere, and many places did samples of cesium, strontium,plutonium – there was ample funding and equipment back then, and many research programs were being run simultaneously. Then, little by little that phased out.. until today, for example with Strontium, the only places in U.S. that has capabilities to measure is at Lawrence Livermore or Hanford (he might have mentioned another location Montgomery Alabama). ..However, sadly, none of these federal agencies has shown any interest in cooperating on any fukushima analysis. I sensed Dr. D a s h e r had his personal opinion about this but withheld that & simply gave the conversation a sad tone. Report comment bo bo February 22, 2015 at 6:03 pm Log in to Reply ..I can't describe everything and my fingers are getting a bit tired for today..( ← then shut up, bo! Lol ) but in this very generous 30 min conversation he conveyed a picture of the federal government stonewalling Fukushima radiation analysis through reward&punishment-funding and non-cooperation. It seems like…I think.. once scientists in the 60s measured all the radiation in the atmospheric testing era and figured out DIRECT & UNDENIABLE correlation to adverse effects on human health & environment – and probably ESPECIALLY after TMI – they decided to shut down all research and keep everybody, including themselves in the dark ages. After reading past articles of Dr. D a s h e r's research on marine mamnals, I do believe – (as understated as he was) he may have been one of the scientists that actually were looking into Fukushima.. and even this very moderate position got him in trouble in 2013. Report comment bo bo February 22, 2015 at 6:07 pm Log in to Reply Thank you again, Norbu, DID.. I really hope to put the machine to good use, share the information, and maybe even measure the organ samples myself one day. Love & Peace bo

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