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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Arctic Sea Ice Coming Back Strong After a Very Unusual 2012, Looks Almost Normal Range Now

I found a good resource for sea ice.    I had to parse together the 2013 and earlier data with the 2014 and into 2015 data, which wasn't hard, just surprised the host site hadn't done that after a full month.

Here is the total sea ice data, Arctic, This is an Excel Download so you can review all the data

Here is that same data, but sorted so that each day of each year is next to the same day, i.e. all Jan 1 all next to each other.

This creates a neat graph that shows the range of ice on a particular day

Here is the chart, with the 2015 data marked as black boxes

The source data is here

Here is a video by Alexander Higgins, he had a great radiation monitoring blog, when his house got wiped out by Sandy.

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