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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cancer Stats from 2011 STILL not Posted by the CDC

Everything is computerized, everything is linked.    Sheesh even hackers are stealing medical information.

But the CDC still has not released cancer stats in the USA from 2011.   

Last spring they had promised the 2011 National cancer stats would be out by fall of 2014.     I checked with them in Mid Feb 2015 and they have not released it and they are not sure when they will release it.     

the breakdowns by State, which will be really important in showing the impacts of Fukushima on real cancer rates in the States that got dosed the worst, will be even further delayed.

Here is a report from 2010.    You can see quite readily, that they are focusing on "deaths from cancer".   Not cases, but deaths.    And by deaths, they mean that if someone got cancer, but they were able to be kept alive for 5 years, then it no longer counts as a cancer death even if they die in year 6.      

They also focus on "co-morbidity" meaning that is something else kills you, then the death is not attributed to cancer.     They have some non-intuitive terms, and I need to study them more, but really kind of waiting on the 2011 data to put my effort into this big time.     And of course, disease and cancers are not always instantaneous.    

If anyone wants to dig more into this report, and provide a summary or clarification on how to interpret, please just email me or post into a comment, and I will append in March after my 2015 Solar Blast which I embark on tomorrow.

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  1. It takes a very long time for stochastic effects to manefest from any low low radiation source. Your analysis is not radiation health physics based.


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