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Monday, February 9, 2015

Dummies Guide on How To Shut Down Nuclear Plants

Just starting will be a living document.

Inspired by a post at ENENEWS from clamshellernh

  1. We did committees last month
  2. We joined the cape winders with a Boston chapter
  3. Enlarging from ten miles to fifty , that will include boston now ! sent some stuff to legislators put together by the cape downwinders to do that
  4. Making Boston downwinders flyers
  5. Gotta talk to chem about the card being modified to adress us
  6. Evacuation route for boston , we have one but we don't know quite what it means or even if the route considers nuclear , and we of course want it to
  7. Working on bills
  8. This peice of shit must be decommissioned , the folks from the cape cannot escape by the borne bridge with a ten mile exclusion zone I think they have to shelter in place …dreadful situation as that bridge is the only way off cape
  9. And we have another group that does a weekly vigil at Markiesand warrens office
  10. I am grateful to be involved with folks that are heavy hitters in my book anyways that can affect some change
    I was getting frustrated for a time
    Then we got seabrook to our north thirty or so miles from here …I'm hoping we can open some discourse on that .
    And some other stuff I'll be posting here as it comes for any of you in our area that wants to get involved with some ground work
    Superb job by the way with your site stock …it took me an hour to get it all on my phone that was stuck in hooterville lol
  11. It's good to see you all again but I had to take a break ..all day every day was colored by Fukushima and it became difficult to enjoy…

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