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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Airborne Plutonium--How Much Will You Breathe--- Human Cumulative Inhalation Dose

OK some real research  here.    How much Plutonium was aerosolized and how much did the average human breath, and extrapolated to 30 years.

The answer is less than .000001 gram.    The calculation are conservative, meaning the actual amount breathed in will be far less.     The calculations assume that all of the airborne plutonium goes into human lungs, and not into any other creatures lungs *where it would be kind of sequestered.*

This is good news folks.   It means you are not likely to die directly from Fukushima fallout.

In Beagles, inhaling 350 micrograms of plutonium was pretty much a death sentence.

My research shows that fallout of Pu is about 22% a year from the air we breath.

Over 30 years, we are all likely to breath in less than 1 microgram of plutonium, from my calcs.    Some people say that even 1 microgram can cause a cancer, I agree.   But "can" is a lot different than "very likely to kill you"

I will post the actual spreadsheet later for download.

This is based on Nukepro original work of U and Pu in atmosphere based on EPA data here:

The book below is a perfect example analyzing radioactive aerosols in the atmosphere


  1. Scout; check out NuScale out of Corvallis Oregon, they are developing full speed
    ahead Bill Gates small scale nuclear reactors. I left to posts last night on Eenews
    from their website. thanks Sam

    1. Ya Gates is a real piece of work. Saw him in a restaurant in Honolulu, not impressed at all. his entourage looked bored

  2. Fission products went in the atmosphere. If pu went it as a trace amount of the core. Trace levels. No adverse health effect.

    1. asshat, that was 6000 pounds of plutonium. 350 micrograms kills. That was horrible. Nukists should pay.


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