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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Manifesto on Climate Change

A number of people have been pretty critical of me for being critical on global warming / climate change.

 So here is the Manifesto, haven't had a Manifesto in years, lol

I trust that climates have changed in the past

I trust that the last 90 years have been a period of fairly stable and increasing temperature and that has helped "development" of the world

I trust that we are polluting the planet in various ways, one of the worst is radiation and heavy metals. Air pollution through vehicles and coal are also horrible.

I trust from models that I have dissected that CO2 is only minorly correlated with any warming or climate change. It may be a help.

I trust that solar magnetics/cosmic rays/cloud nucleation are by far the most important factor in earth climate changes and that we have entered a fairly rare deep minimum of solar magnetics. These are facts, not speculation. I have been on this since 2006

I trust that pro-nuclear forces are currently using climate change to manipulate governments and force citizen to keep nuclear around and to pay double for it.

I trust that even though many "green" people oppose nuclear that they have been lied to so long that it is hard to consider a paradigm shift. I have been one of those people, I have devoted my career since 1995 to energy conservation and solar energy partly because of my fear of global warming and CO2 pollution.

I did the right thing for the wrong reason, lol

I ask for is that you look at the facts, the data.

Thank you very much for all your comments.

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