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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Evidence that Fukushima has Fuked The Planet

If the outcome of an event is infinitely negative, then no matter how small the risk, the expected value is infinitely negative.    Accepting an infinitely negative expected value is nothing short of reckless insanity

Example: destruction of humane genome is infinitely negative, there no amount of nuclear power can be allowed.

Example: Carrington event causes 150 nuclear plants to melt down, Acute toxic poisoning of the planet and elimination of almost all life within 5 years, therefore no amount of nuclear power can be allowed.

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From a poster at ENENEWS
The day I knew we were Fuku-ed
I knew we were FuKed
When I saw that plant blow
When I saw the purple mushroom leave the earth for the sky

I knew we were FuKed when in Colorado, The count
Was 1000 per minute

I knew we were FuKed
When in my garden there grew
A blinding yellow mold which appeared overnight

I knew we were FuKed when the flowers didn't bloom,
And all the bees flew away and died.

I knew we were FuKed when I looked in the eye
My family and friends and saw reflected there the lies
That the media had fed them, and now content they rejected
The simple truth that their truths had now died

I knew we were FuKed when naked and afraid
We turned our backs to the horrors our sciences made

I knew we were FuKed when for money, these slaves,
Hid from our faces that which may have saved
At least some remnent, some effigy, of the splendor that was, before
We came along, and FuKed it all up.

 And some great further research from Bo at ENENEWS, she has been talking to scientists and exposing some of the behind the scene facts.

It seems that many of the lying scientists do have a conflict of interest, in particular scholarships and other funding from IAEA, a nuclear promotion industry.

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