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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Palisades and the Slumlord of Nuclear, Join Them On A Conference Call Regarding Complete Lies

From Beyond Nuclear.

Listen in to NRC hearing on embrittled reactor pressure vessel meltdown risks!
On Wed., March 25 from 10 A.M. to noon Eastern, Beyond Nuclear and allies will testify at NRC's Licensing Board, in opposition to any further weakening of reactor pressure vessel (RPV) safety standards. Entergy Nuclear has applied for multiple regulatory rollbacks at its 44-year-old Palisades atomic reactor in Michigan on the Great Lakes shore (see photo), which has the worst neutron radiation embrittled RPV in the U.S. Embrittlement risks a pressurized thermal shock (PTS) fracture of the RPV, which would lead to core meltdown, potential containment failure, and catastrophic release of hazardous radioactivity. Many other pressurized water reactors across the country also have serious embrittlement/PTS risks, as well. Any bad precedents set at Palisades would then be applied elsewhere. Please listen in to the hearing, to let NRC know it is being watched. The phone number for the listen-only line is 800-857-9645. The passcode is 9568305. If you want to listen in, NRC requires you to RSVP by Mon., March 23 by contacting Licensing Board law clerk, Mr. Sachin Desai, at 301-415-6523 or More


  1. NRC by law makes these hearings public. I encourage you to listen to the hearing because Beyond Nuclear is clueless. Watch their hired gun-derson fumble the ball. Should separate the men from the boys. You realize reactors can operate 80 years without PTS issues.

    1. Thats funny, right out of the gate, you throw out some "by law" stuff as if to support some idea....such as a plum loco idea that NRC is a regulator and not a promoter.

      Men who lie to promote radiation, are still men, just evil misguided men.

      LOL "you realize". Please name one reactor that has operated 80 years.....Zing, the men have been separated from the boys already.


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