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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Palisades Leak into ground water is 200 times the US legal radiation exposure for industries

Palisades, in Holland Michigan, right on Lake Mighigan (One of the Worst Nuke Plants) Run By Entergy (One of the Slummiest of the Slum Lords)

Palisades, as they are under review for a very dangerous brittle core material (see next article, is so compalcent that whilst they are under the microscope they still allow a massive leak to continue unabated for 9 days.

 The measurement in the ground water (not at the source of the leak, but far away at a well) was 481,000 Bq/M3

They reported the leak in pCi which is hard for most people to interpret. 

But Wolfram Alpha computational computer makes quick work of making this make sense.
and provides the massive radiation amount in blue above.

And this is tritium, with a long half life, in 25 years, 12.5% of this contamination will still be around, irradiated humans, animals, fish, plants.

They are so decrepit that it took them 9 days to stop the radiation leak into the ground water after they found it. 

They found a little dutch boy in  Holland Michigan who could have stopped the leak in 5 minutes, but he wasn't a card carrying nucleo-ape union member so the leak continued unabated for 9 freaking days. [that's funny, do you get it?]

Entergy needs to be suspended as a nuclear operator and their worst plants need to be shut down.

They have had 4 serious leaks in the last 4 years.

But don't worry it was only  13,000 pCi/L of what they found in the well.  

Palisades is already 2 years past its design life.    This is a Klunker that needs to be shut down.

It is a risk to the Great Lakes.   Dilution is not the solution.   

If you have the chance drive to this meeting and let them know what you think about Palisades.

A public meeting is 6 p.m. April 9 at the Beach Haven Event Center, 10420 M-140 in South Haven, where staff members from Entergy Nuclear Operations, the owner of Palisades, will meet with NRC officials to discuss the plant’s status.

More details here

And here is a lengthy report on incidence of cancers in Michigan

To estimate effective dose, a commenter at Ecowatch offered to help, lets see what happens.   He is a pro nuke commentor.

PacE, I measure radiation for a living. What do you want to know?
  • Use REM if you wish also.

  • OK the leak into ground water at Palisades is 481,000 Bq/M3, or 48.1 Bq/L. If a human drinks 8 L per day, and everyday drinks this radiated water, what is the first day dose,
    And then what is the equilibrium dose, acknowledging that the tritium doesn't remain in the body permanently. in mSv.
    How many days to get to equilibrium dose?
    Please answer any part of those you can.


  1. Not Holland! South Haven!

    1. I see, but it was necessary for the Dutch boy joke! lol have a nice Sunday and publish this far and wide from Gary Indiana to Manistee


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