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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Government Official Threatens Solar Contractor With Loss of Contracts for Posting Anti-Nuclear Power Comments


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  • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex
    Your profit margin depends on nukists as you say. No Pearl, no business. Ironic. You rely on those you name call. What% work at Pearl or do business with them.- 25? 30? Enough to make s difference in someone's bottom line. Now shoo.

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    • combomelt combomelt
      Negative Effect Of Man Made Radiation On Human Eggs, Embryo, Sperm, Fetus, And Newborn – Dr. Caldicott MD

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    • bowling bowling
      there will be nuclear navies you asshat alex. stock is trying to shut down the huge radioactive rattletrap boilers and stop the unnecessary and super dangerous smaller mox reactors that we do not need to generate power and generate 20 thousand tons of high level waste yearly. For you to go after stocks throat over his navy business shows what a little man . and troll psycho you really are. only a psycho wpuld threaten another persons livelihood like this on an internet forum. so sick. how does a creep like you look at itself in the morning every day?

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  • Sparky Sparky
    +1 Stock, a personalized Hell perhaps, for this multi-generational, planetary mass murderer. A Hell where he will endlessly see, hear, feel, know and relive at the spiritual level the nuclear evil he and his masters have unleashed upon all Earthly beings–forever.
    He's bombast for now, strutting his [lame, stupid] stuff here on Enenews. But in his heart (assuming he has one)…he knows. Honestly, I think he's trying to convince himself, to quiet once and for all those nagging little voices of doubt or regret for his role in perpetuating nuclear death and destruction. And/or maybe he is a psychopath after all, as you've so aptly noted and is above feeling any remorse.
    Regardless, he is a most repulsive human being and deserves to pay for his crimes, in this world or in the next. He is just one of many in the nuclear village so deserving of condemnation and damnation.


  1. SocRef/MiniBP/MeatBagHellPhysquack/aunovoz/Turd"KingOfBowls"Fergie/JaANUS desperation is very palpable now. The other aspects of his multiple-account-personality appeared in play a couple of days ago.
    ... anticipating virulent links from that "" in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... (if not already)

    Quote: "Six: "All of this has happened before..."
    Baltar: But the question remains: does all of this have to happen again?
    Six: This time, I bet "no.""

    So say we all?

    1. Ya he is also the atomsforpeace1 asshat

  2. It must be an honor to be compared to Elon Musk in "hurting their bottom line".

    With his consent, i would like to hurt his bottom line ... with my steel-toed shoe.

    1. Indeed, I was just thinking how Elon Musk is one of our very few modern day heros....I just off an email to check compatibility of his new house battery with my existing Outback backup equipment.
      (2) 3048 GTFX
      1—FM80 charge controller
      Mate 3
      Flexware 500

      Can you form an opinion on whether this battery would work for my system (not yet installed)

      Possible battery for my own system

    2. Speech recognition is "free", utilizing Window$ own Speech API.

      It may not be the most accurate or secure solution, yet various revisions of recognition are compatible, going back to Win9x.

      Quote: "Musk said the company will open-source the IP it is generating during the construction of its Nevada “Gigafactory” that will make the newly-announced batteries. Others will be free to build their own factories he said, and that task will be made easier because the Gigafactory is designed as a “product” that can be rebuilt."

      Will review what you requested. Efforting ...

    3. At first blush:

      One limiting factor seems to be the 2kW continuous output for the 7kW model.
      That might be great for lighting or consumer items such as a TV, but not for an electric range, convection MW, or clothes dryer.

      You might need a few Flexmaxx's in a ganged configuration. (RTS highly recommended for existing, even though it is "optional")
      Quote: "The FLEXware 500 system architecture can support up to two OutBack FX Series Inverter/Chargers"
      Those are meant for lead-acid batteries, are they not?

      The 350-450V, presumably DC rating seems problematic at best for retrofitting existing installations.
      That might equate to 100 Lithium modules in a series-parallel configuration.
      Would hate to experience cell-reversal.
      Perhaps a greater number of smaller panels would be appropriate, if protection diodes are utilized.

      The -20deg Celsius minimum temperature might not be popular for outdoor installations in many N/A locales. The possibilities of theft for such installations might make outdoor installations more challenging.

      Indoor installations might require a firebox. I wonder what insurance companies will have to say.

      Will review installation documentation later.

    4. WHPPSS! ... "100/200/etc Lithium modules" ...

    5. Dud, I never visit Nukepimp, that is kind of my backup site, but I see you have visited and commented there quite a appraised that is a "dead site" only for backup at this time.

    6. Actually, it seems new to me, in that i don't recall visiting there.
      I posted commentary there? It must have been some time since that last happened...???
      I don't understand. Chat feature there? Maybe the latter might be better -->

      Concerning Powerwall, i wonder if it has any cell monitoring 'puter that will be included. Still efforting on first question ...

    7. @ Dud, yes there were like 30 comments over at nukepimp which is a manual mirrored site to backup this site, so if using search words to find my site, you may easily end up there

    8. Oh. That should have been spelled "WPPSS". Whoops! D'oh.

      How odd. A second visit there reveals ... no comments that i can see, from anyone. No reply buttons, or anything of the sort. I see your articles though. Huh??? No comprendo. Were those comments from the past year, or earlier? Am slow to intuit.

      My thinking has experienced a "Sea-change" over the last four years, due to a "Fukupy" or more. Wattenburg was not helpful in that.

      Why not just say what you want to? If i am offended then that is my problem, not yours. Whatever it is, i vow not to respond with any form of ad-homenim. I see what that has done to ene & FD (et al) & i hate it. :( If i am or have been wrong, i can & will admit my failures and be thankful for any positive chastizement that is done in the spirit of correction & for edification.

      (Definition of Edify: Quote: "to teach (someone) in a way that improves the mind or character." )

    9. Dud, this is from Nukepimp, somehow your comments go there or get replicated there, probably through an error in disqus.

      They show in my comment moderation page, but not on the old blog

      PS: When you have meditated upon the former ("chew it" like a cow chews it's cud) come back and let us discuss what need be done about our shared ocean.I look forward to it. on Thoughts on Why The Pacific Ocean is Dying, weakened for decades, and Now Fukushima Is Here and is the Grim Reaper - Kelly Ann Thomas

      in response to I put up a long reply to this and I am wondering if it got blocked. This response is a test. This is a valuable link related to the content above.HORROR " Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation " dated Aug 10, 2014 The following are quotes of Dana from that video.==========================They are talking about total annihilation of almost all life along 200 kilometers along the Canadian coast over 8 low tide periods. Only partial survival of four species left. 5600 species are gone. It really is horror and everyone should be aware. You should be on panic if you were not already.22:00+ They are reporting an extension event. They experiences mostly areas devoid of life. Everything on the shore line was wiped out in a short time. Total desolation with no carcasses or evidence of lost life.All the birds, mussels, and starfish along 200 kilometers they saw could fit on the back of a pick-up truck if not a wheel barrow. They could not , by Unknown.


    10. That's odd. I see i might have gone a lil ? what with that partly wrong-topic disjointed rant about "Dr.Bill"D*ff" on the professional site, but not the "pimp" site (hey, it's a cool site, even if i am wide-eyed about content here & elsewhere....)
      , but then again i lock things down a tad on my end. I don't see evidence of any doppleganger, thankfully.

      "Unknown" shows as being a "B"logger. That's not me. I'm not unknown.
      Not a "blogger". Am an amateur "commentard", neh?

      I still think it's a bright light ahead of us in this dark tunnel, if humanity could simply get out from in front of those oncoming trains ... i'd like that.

      Priorly Disqusted with disco disqus. Not used in long time - over a year, iirc.

      Is anybody sampling for Sulfide gas regularly, hopefully constantly?
      Hello, Hack-A-Day??? :/

      Was reminded by a comment on ENE about those Oarfish.
      Thanks for the reminder about them jellyfish, too.

      Am wishing ArnieG, Dr.Busby & would take notice of Dana "OurProctologicsEverywhereOcean" Durnford & expand eye-witness reporting & spur efforts to find out exactly what is actually happening, even if mainstream is utterly clueless.

      I want to relocate, yet would be deserting family, so that is a no-go.

      What is a theoretical scenario?
      A Continental-shelf base vulcanism emmitting all sorts of not-good and plenty mixed with other unnaturals via man-unkind artificials included 'dem toxicity multiplicatives just to light the whole thing up like a "disperse" Christmas tree, might be a guess.

      See Sea Surface Temperature Anomoly Map, thanks to ChemFood,MVB, or Vital1, iirc for link:,29.47,283
      Jet Stream spit over N/A West too, coincidentally.

      Tritium (even H2 an ozone-layer depleter, iirc), di-tritium-oxide & even non-radioactive di-deuterium-oxide (not entirely "benign" to life from WikiP) are wild-cards in weather, but barium & other periodical-table relatives and up might be another atmospheric thermodynamic source via x-rays & re-emission.

      5degree Celsius snow events would have me wondering ... how 'bout you?

      AgriculturalLandReserve chief got replaced recently here in BC. They're reportedly getting ready to decrease farmland, though that might be speculation. How much Cesium(et al) before West Coast fracking "Organic" foods are no longer fit for pet food?

      Am "shitting bricks" on the inside, and am trying to communicate dangers here at this locale, but with Cameron "declaration" of "obeying the law ain't enough", i acknowledge that activists are no help to anybody if paranoia finds fruition towards correctional institution ... w__(^_^)__w ... don't shoot!

      I doubt even dyke earthquake protection, with Sto:lo accounts of the ThunderBird including villages being swept away due to liquifaction (keeps me awake at nights, especially during high-water events on the Mighty Fraser River).

      Is there a lahar-like volcano under it near edge of local Garabaldi-complex interface, like, maybe, under my feet right now?
      Any chance nobody has looked for evidence, if even possible evidence could remain in this delta valley near grade? Seems like halfway between Garabaldi & St.Helens.

      I fear the possibility of that off the Oregon coast volcano system spurring our 9point-ho+, or at-worst an undersea Krakatoa steam explosion.
      That'd have chance of generating "hailstones the size of a talent" (100lbs.)!

      Add Fuku-goo, and it seems like a KO could be so, but what do i know?
      Am just one man amidst an ocean of peoples
      that seem most concerned about Keeping up with Kardashians (except here & similar).

      Aw crap, i'm totally off-topic.

    11. I assume comments on the pimp site are same as pro site.

  3. G'Day Mate

    Had trouble trying to find supported battery types from the documentation.
    FM80/60 appear to only support Lead-Acid chemistries, after some detective work.

    Quotes from the owner's manual: "Do not equalize any sealed battery types (VRLA, AGM, Gel, or other) unless approved by the manufacturer."
    ... "Temperature compensation 5 mV per °C per 2 V cell (with optional RTS)"

    2V/cell really nails it down to lead-acid chemistry.

    Another nice feature of the charger when coupled with an RTS is the limitation to a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius for charging to occur.
    Quote: ..."will stop charging the battery and wait for the battery to cool below 50°C."
    Anyway; short story long ... the answer to your question (finally) is ...

    No. Not without some kind of DC-DC Converter, perhaps?

    However; the GTFX appears to support Utility voltage (reductions) down to 108VAC (from that documentation).

    "100% Made in US"? May the Great Spirit bless you further, sir!

    Quote: "The Flexmax CCs are perfectly capable of charging LiFePO4s! I've been doing it since December with 2 FM80s, no mate, and they do a damn fine job of it."
    see also:
    & LiPo FAQ:

    Maybe one might need contact them concerning how such configurations could affect warranty. Didn't like the fine print on GTFX California 10 year provisions.

    Perhaps the RTS is not desired as that function is likely controlled by the LiPO BMS.
    If only there were a way to integrate the BMS data into the Mate's datalogging functions, or vice versa.


    1. Ya Dud I did an all day CEU class on batteries and charge controllers. Then I ran it to ground on going beyond just the RTS (battery temp sensor) and into accurate total amp readings using shunts and a Battery Monitor, as well as the newer outback Mate 3, which gives you networked/online monitoring and control and programming of a dizzying array of features.

      I really recommend the RTS on every battery system, it is listed as optional, but excess heat will really destroy a battery, physically warp it.

      Check out the Mate 3, and the DC Flexnet (battery monitor and integrating amperage charge controller). All that gets a bit complicated, but beats the heck out of smoking your battery array.


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