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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Majia Research on Bio Accumulation and Chemical Synergies (Negative)

We must re-new our efforts to publicize evidence of ongoing ECOCIDE. We need to COMPILE these adverse mortality events because each one is reported in the news as a totally unrelated event.
Bioaccumulation and chemical synergies are destroying the Pacific eco-system, coupled with habitat loss, over-fishing, etc.

Here is my review of radionuclide bioaccumulation processes and my recent summary of ongoing water contamination problems:

Here is a link to a very powerful, iconic video of Fukushima's nuclear consequences

Dr. Timothy Mousseau, whose work with colleagues is unsurpassed in demonstrating genotoxic effects of living in radiation contaminated zones, will be giving a talk on 'What evolutionary biology can learn from Chernobyl and Fukushima' at my university in a couple of weeks. I hope to post his video online. I'll post link when available. I recommend following his findings.

Nuclear is truly a politics of death, as documented in this pdf i created:

Strength to those who struggle for our collective survival!

Magda from ENE had this to add

1. Anchovies (dead: miles of them, mountains deep)
2. Baby whale (dead)
3. Bald Eagles
4. Bear cub (Alaska- dropped dead climbing a hill – read viewer comments ENE)
5. Birds: (reduced numbers Audubon, USA records)
6. Butterflies (mutations – Photos)
7. Butterflies – Monarchs (almost 1 billion vanished)
8. Caribou
9. Crayfish
10. Concentration of sea creatures in Monterey Bay
11. Dolphin and whale encounters – whale put head on boat.
12. Horses (in Fukushima sickened and died)
13. Horses in California – same symptoms as above
14. Admira Rakti possible ‘cesium heart’ dropped dead Melbourne cup.
15. Killer Whales (100% death rate of baby killer whales as at 10/12/2014)
16. Mammals California coast: starving, drooling, brain damaged, seizures)
17. mini lobsters (bazillions)
18. Millions of fish
19. Monarch butterflies (deformities and disappearance)
20. Monkeys (abnormal blood)
21. Mutton birds
22. Oarfish
23. Plankton
24. Pyrosomes (glow in the dark – uncommon ie not seen before
25. Red crabs
26. Sabre toothed whale
27. Salmon
28. Sardines crash (complete disappearance in 400 mile stretch of coast)
29. Sea lions (abcesses, seizures, deaths)
30. Sea stars (turning to goo, limbs falling off
31. Seals (hair loss, open sores, deaths)
32. Sea urchins
33. Sockeye Salmon (lesions, exhaustion, limpness)
34. Squid
35. Strange sea creatures never usually seen (from depths of ocean)
36. Tuna migrating Japan to USA all 15 tested…

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