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Friday, May 1, 2015

My Sheep Dogs

Our society consists of Wolves, Sheep, and Sheep Dogs

If you can be the Sheep Dog, always be the Sheep Dog

These are my dogs, taken yesterday.     

The top picture is the "Top Dog" he is the super Alpha, even when getting together with other shepherd owners and their dogs, or at training events, he is instantly noticed by all other dogs as being the Alpha.  

What would the average "bad guy" think when faced with this?  We call him Banchan (cute guard dog)

This is the "little one", we call her Hanako, she is fast and super smart and rascally

See below--  My avatar is a picture I took of the Banchan as a puppy, cutest puppy ever.
It actually became the cover page of the German Shepherd annual calendar.

So I am a published photographer, LOL, I think the subject matter is what made the picture great!

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Best New Friends

Always Be the Sheepdog, or at Least Batman or Spidey

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