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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nuclear Plants Are Not Safe, Even Before Considering the Arrogance of the Profit Driven Corporations That Own Them and the NRC

None of these plants are safe.   Ginna ignored a 1980's finding of flood hazard, for decades, willfully and knowingly.  Then in their response

Due to the visual reference a majority of the site staff did not believe that Deer Creek can flood at levels that would challenge Ginna.   This is compounded by the challenges technical staff experience when they attempt to calculate how flooding conditions could occur


Because it looked like a nice little river, we just ignored the scientific evidence, and whistled past your graveyard.  
 And because its hard to calculate flooding conditions, we were certain that by ignoring flood levels set by the authorities having jurisdiction, and by relying (compounded) by our complacent vision of a nice little river, that we decided that doing nothing was OK.    

When the NRC said it was not OK and that we were exposed to the same problem at Fukushima, station blackout, we decided to run some calculations (note prior sentence, we feel challenged by these calculations) to show that even though we are harping to the public in a massive pro nuke media blitz how climate change can be mitigated with more nuclear power....that we also ignore the effects of climate change in creating even more extreme weather events in the future.   In particular, more sporadic weather with period of higher moisture in the air, leading to potentially much larger rains and flooding events than were even predicted in 1980.  

We did all this to avoid having to squeeze some sealant around cables that had big gaping hole in the drainage manhole that they were run in for convenience and to save money rather than giving them their own separate raceway (i.e. don't put the electric cable in the drainage water manhole and piping system).

After all, the only thing at risk was loss of backup power to shut the nuke plant down, aka Station Blackout like what happened at Fukushima and caused multiple meltdowns, meltdowns, and explosions including a nuclear explosion called a Prompt Moderated Criticality.     So wasting a few manhours and some sealant didn't really seem worth it, when we could spend $78,000 on an engineering study/calculations about the flood level and fight back against the NRC who is supposed to regulate us.

Finally under further threats we gave in, put some sealant on, and thus proving we are good safe people with no corporate profit agenda. 

ENENEWS keeps providing excellent service to the world!

Nukepro has gone on record as stating we can't just keep commenting at the same sites which are already anti-nuke, we coined a term

Whining to the Choir ---and got it published in the Urban Dictionary.

now "from a distance" points out a little know feature at ENENEWS, a page devoted to posting activism opportunities

from a distance
Please make a habit of checking this Forum every morning to see if there's something you could be doing –>
Tomorrow is the deadline to comment on what environmental impact you believe adding TWO NEW NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS in Florida will have.
Your comment can be ANONYMOUS. It doesn't have to be a fancy comment. Just comment.
All you have to do is read this and hit the COMMENT NOW button and comment.!documentDetail;D=NRC-2009-0337-0020

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