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Monday, May 4, 2015

Nuke Pro Entraps a Troll In It's Own Lies, With The Trolls Own Link Gosh Golly, stock Hands Him His Asshat

The whole interchange can be seen here, which you should visit and drop a comment also

LOL nuke is so "essential" but how come nothing bad happens when a 1000MW plant scrams (emergency shutdown).....ya, because nuclear is not needed. Slam Dunk!

  • I bet you dont know the origin of SCRAM, or the person that was the original without doing a Google Search or going to Wikipedia. But do it anyway and learn something about atomic history.

    I bet you bought into the "ax Man" lie, like all the other nuclear lies. In reality, it is just like what nukers do, like they did at Fukushima, they run away, they scram out of there.

    I asked you a question. You couldn't answer. Norm Hillberry was the original ax man at CP-1. A real nuke pro knows atomic history.

    I did actually answer, i informed you that the Ax Man was just a legend, a made up lie....

    How sad for you....the article you linked was the complete rebuttal debunk of the ax man lie, from your link this quote

    I contacted Nyer recently, and he was eager to tell the “scram”
    story, one that squares well with Wilson’s reported version of events.
    Nyer’s job that day was to be Hilberry’s backup. If all safety systems
    failed, he and the other members of the “suicide squad” were to dump a
    liquid cadmium solution on CP-1 to poison the reaction. The axe-man
    story is, he recalls, “a bunch of baloney.”
    But he did offer another
    explanation for the word. His recollection was that Wilson was
    assembling a panel that included a big red button. According to Nyer,
    someone asked Wilson the reason for the red knob. Wilson replied you’d
    hit it if there was a problem. “Well, then what do you do?” he was
    asked. Wilson reportedly replied “You scram … out of here.”
    The word
    appears to have stuck.
    And so it seems likely that scram switches all over the world owe
    their names not to the nuclear industry’s later penchant for acronyms,
    but to the slang of twentieth-century America."
    Your credibility has been axed, LOL

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