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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NukePro muses on what is important after all?

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Slice of Life from Hawaii.
here is the point ahead of time---how much is enough, when do you decide to get off the treadmill, what is important?   And keep in mind, the powers that be want you to work as much and as long as possible so they have more to steal/transfer to themselves.   In fact a current president stated that no way did he want women to "just be" stay at home moms, and that it was important for "careers" to be open for all women.    The treadmill folks, everything is pushing you onto that treadmill.    When do you exercise free choice?

My friend Terry told me that Charles and his girlfriend wanted to plan a kayak trip to Kalalau (a beautiful remote beach on Kauai).   I said "girlfriend? what happened to Charles wife?"   I met Charles and his wife at Kalalau in 2006.     Last year she developed pancraetic cancer and died within 6 months.   She was 52.

A client of mine is a Doctor, long time doctor in Hawaii.    He has a nice house in a gated community, very nice in  fact, with a nice pool.    And he has another nice house on the beach, also with a large pool.     And his wife is a hardworking real estate agent, working 60 hours a week.   The good doctor works a full time job doing his doctor work and them spending more time on training and seminars on the mainland.     He is 72 and she is 70.   She has that typically realtor "drive" and repeatedly points out how hard she works, and then confides in me "it's the only way we can keep up our lifestyle." Oh, by the way, they can't enjoy the beach house....the only way they can keep it, is by working hard to manage it as a vacation rental.

A good friend, a real expert in the solar community, 35 years going back to the "hippie days" and has been there, done that on everything solar, and has the answer on a shoot from the hip basis and is correct.   Also a fellow sailboat aficionado.   An incredible resource to me and always there with the answer when you are up against a brick wall.     Massive heart attack and dead at 57.

I took the time to phone about 400 customers during this trip.    It was amazing how many times that when asking for the husband (they usually handle the technical stuff like solar) I was informed that "he died".    In all cases the widows were obviously struggling to learn how to run the household, run the equipment, deal with repairs, deal with sketchy cheap craiglist "handymen".    Some were coping better than others, but all these widows were obviously really hurting from the new reality they were thrown into after the death of their husband.     Many were in there 50's, most were in their 60's.   


A USB report shows that most financially successful people just increase their lifestyle so that they are continuously on a treadmill.    This is rather sad if you think about it.     How many families reach $3 to 5M without buying too much stuff, too many properties, taking on too much student loan debt.    Very few.    How many can retire at 55, but instead they feel somehow obligated to keep buying stuff to impress people they don't even care about, and so they work until 67 or until dead.    Do you call that a "win"?

Government is calling for people to keep working longer into their life....but just because you will probably live to be 82, do you really want to work until 67?    What will those last 15 years be like?    


With two-thirds of millionaires reporting that they work to achieve financial security, a large percentage is left feeling that what they already have isn't enough.
For instance, one anonymous 42-year-old woman with a net worth between $1 and $2million dollars said in the report she wants to start working part-time, but fears losing a 'big chunk of my paycheck'. 
'It wouldn't be feasible,' she said. 'I want my kids to go to the best college possible.' 
The report, titled 'When is enough...enough?', found that the increase of wealth is directly proportional to an increase lifestyle expectations. 
As millionaires make more, they want more. 

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We are all pulled in various directions by various competing needs.    There is never enough time for "everything".    But take a step back and at least look at what the treadmill looks like.  

Stop particpating in things, buying things, that "don't matter".    Stop watching TV and stop letting them "program you".   Become a lie spotter.    Eliminate assh##*s and sociopaths from your life.

Get a game plan and run it everyday, except those days in which you unplug and take the whole day off.

Learn how to ferment real natural foods, and even better, grow them yourself!



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  1. Ok so this is the state of the week i have...Safety concerns at the reporting level of my place of work render it fired. Stupid landlord has head so far up her a.Moving days... And all i am willing to do is STOP all forms of work. Stop as much TAX payout as i can. With no more car. No more home. No more INCOME TAX. I think i have them by the balls. I don't have a ring in my nose and only participate at MY pleasure, I can and do have every proper social voting tool i need to keep my ship pointing into the winds. You too have a gargantuan power over the scum sapping your lifeblood away... I would use it. I can, So Can You my friend! Doing is empowerment. Faith is a way.

    1. yep get off the hamster wheel if you can.


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