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Friday, May 8, 2015

One Liner Lies of The Cancer Cartel

Readers who frequent here know that I am the author of the 93 lies of nuke (it started at 55 and quickly grew, now it is probably 110).

Combomelt put those lie to music and video, what an awesome corrographed trophy, see the bottom.

Sorry to those who actually have cancer, this might not be to entertaining when it strikes so close to reality and it's a bad reality.

 I am starting a new one, the ____ one liner lies of the Cancer Cartel

  1. It's "your" cancer 
  2. Its just your bad luck 
  3. Don't worry, we are great at treating that 
  4. Who knows what caused it 
  5. We can use radiation to "treat" your cancer
  6. Those cancer hats are so stylish
  7. If you last 5 years, and die the next day, we consider our treatment sucessful no matter the cost no matter the pain
  8. Cancer is the "best" way to die (you have time to get your affairs in order)
  9. It can't be proven to be from Fukushima
  10. You didn't smile enough whilst basking in that radiation
  11. The CT scan is as effective as an MRI, and it's just like flying on an airplane.   
  12. It is your fear, uncertainty, and doubt that caused your cancer.
  13. "Everything" causes cancer, so don't blame radiation.
  14. "Our Radioactive Ocean" a lie by Kenny Busseler Boy, a Woods Whore
  15. We can "treat it"
  16. Childhood Leukemia is normal and has always been around.
  17. Mutations and tumors just happen, don't blame radiation. 
  18. Cancer is because people are poor, we need to hand money to the poor to prevent cancer and buy their votes (thus killing two mutated birds with one stone).
  19. Babies born today got the short end of the stick from baby boomers
  21. from bo: Cancer is increasing because of over diagnosis
from Obewan

'My cancer brought us closer': Rita Wilson says relationship with husband Tom Hanks stronger than ever after double mastectomy

Sugar causes cancer (sheesh, this might be true,
Anyone got more, drop them in the comments?


  1. I just thought of another one - 'Cancer is increasing because of over diagnosis.'

  2. #23 - "You don't need an angiogenesis inhibitor, after we rip out one cancer we have found (and consequently remove that organic signal from the primary cancer, signaling any others to inhibit their growth of new blood vessels)."
    note: not applicable to all cancer types (iirc)


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