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Monday, May 18, 2015

We Almost Lost New York, Boston, and Lake Ontario (Ginna)

We Almost lost New York
So in an industry where technical information is closely held, we can’t fully evaluate the threat imposed by this latest malfeasance. The only thing certain is that it will happen again.
This newest fire at Indian Point should remind us that we are all hostage to an industry that operates in open defiance of the laws of the public, the economy and basic physics.
Sooner or later all three will demand their due. We can passively hope our planet and our species will survive the consequences.
Or we can redouble our efforts to make sure all these reactors are shut before such a reckoning dumps us into the abyss.

We Almost lost Boston
Pilgrim was very close to being forced to directly vent radioactive steam into the environment / neighborhood. They used every last line of defense they had, including dumping radioactive steam into the old BWR Torus aka Surge Tank. 
Even then the heat in the surge tank got so high, they had to use an emergency heat exchanger to cool the surge tank. Fortunately it worked. If that last piece of equipment had failed it would have been a serious accident with radiation exposure to the public.

We Almost Lost Ginna Nuke on Lake Ontario

In a violation notice released Tuesday, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said flooding at Ginna also could have knocked out two backup sources of electricity that could be used to control the plant during an emergency.
This could have left the plant completely without power in a condition known as "station blackout," NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said.

The Ginna plant refused to make any changes to prevent a Fukushima type disaster even after the risk was clearly pointed out by the NRC.

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