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Friday, May 1, 2015


Submitted to the Urban Dictionary -- Whoremesis

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Hey "stock" I heard that you were doing some [troll jousting] with a nuke shill on your blog again, this time it was stating that "a little bit of radiation is actually good for you.

stock here: ya for sure, now they got like 6 trolls attacking me, must be striking close to the truth.    So that troll was trotting out the old lie official termed "hormesis" which the nuclear cartel hires scientists to "prove" that the radiation that leaks out of their plants on a regular basis is actually good for you!

Sheesh, stock, it is amazing that any of these scientists will stoop that low, injuring innocent bystanders who believe their crap and don't take adequate precautions.       These scientists are turning into grant grubbing little asshats, whoring themselves out so they can buy the next iPhone for their kids.

stock here: Indeed it is sad, science turning into 2-bit whores, is why I call it


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