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Monday, June 8, 2015

Cassandra -- Concerned citizen, mother and stupid rat here-- addressing Pro Nuke Shills, and Majia Weighs In

stock reposted this comment from Ecowatch, addressing pronuke shills posting hundreds of comments on Ecowatch, trying hard to drown out the ant-nuke discussion.

At Ecowatch, the nuke cartel mouth pieces had gone as far as to call a Mother, who was concerned about radiation, a "Stupid Rat".     This other mother shot back.......

Comment at Ecowatch
Cassandra • 8 hours ago

Concerned citizen, mother and stupid rat hereatoms4peace, mm and others…so, what you're saying is the greatest technological disaster in human history, multiple meltdowns that we don't have the technology to contain, that's so radioactive that robots can't even go near it, that no amount of money or political will can fix, that is going to bleed radiotoxins into the sea and atmosphere for decades if not centuries…radiotoxins that cause

  1. heart attacks, 
  2. cancers, 
  3. genetic anomalies, 
  4. deformities, 
  5. hair loss, 
  6. kills nerve cells and
  7.  small blood vessels, 
  8. causes seizures, 
  9. reduces blood counts, 
  10. causes lymphoma, 
  11.  leukemia, 
  12. thyroid cancer
  13. infertility, 
  14. nausea, 
  15. bloody vomiting and 
  16. bloody stool 

is nothing to worry about?

Please send me some of whatever industrial strength, military grade shit you are smoking, because I need it. I really do.

I think and I know I'm just a stupid rat, that it is a parent's responsibility to leave a better, cleaner world for their children and thanks to people like you we are failing miserably.

So from all of us stupid rats who are concerned about the environment and who don't want to suffer everything I previously mentioned, would you kindly STFU and go get another Phd or something. Fiddle much while Rome burns?
Troll said-- those who instilled fear into this mom should be prosecuted.

stock said

You mean the Fukushima deniers ought to be prosecuted, the ones who by lying about information, witholding information, shutting off the radiation monitors, telling mothers that all they had to do was smile and they would be mean those FD's Fukushima Deniers ought to be prosecuted? Pretty strong statement.
After all, the Fukushima Deniers are the ones who have really caused the anxiety
How about the ones fighting for no country of origin food labeling? How about the ones who raised the radiation limits in food by 10 times? How about the ones that told Japan we will keep buying your food without testing? How about the Faroks at WIPP telling people that inhaling plutonium was like a Dental Xray?
How about the ones who say the more radiation is actually good for you (well I ask them how they take in additional radiation to their own body for more health effect and I never seem to get an answer)
Should they be prosecuted also?
PS I will pass your message on to the mom. Thanks for standing up for the Eyes Wide Open Crowd (EWOC), and the Red Pill Pounders (RPP)
Open flow of data and information reduces anxiety.

  •   obewanspeaks
    Love it! :)

  •   Time Is Short
    Tell us how you really feel…

  • Triple wow and hot damn!


    And this, on the same day from Majia, her real name, and a real author and communicator.
    Speaking on the admissions by NOAA that something else is going on, big, regarding the mass animals deaths in the Pacific.

    From above: Sam McClatchie, NOAA Supervisory Oceanographer: “I have a comment to follow up on the idea that pollution may be important to the condition of the sea lions… In the modeling I did, the purpose was to… have a hypothesis as to what might be going on…" [end]
    I wonder what that hypothesis is?

    Sam McClatchie and many of his colleagues are no doubt worried, or he wouldn't have volunteered this bit of info.

    It is just a matter of time before someone cracks. Many rank-and-file gov employees/scientists do care about the eco-system (hence their career choices). Info leaks are inevitable if scary hypotheses are supported by mounting evidence.

    The problem is that Fukushima is, no doubt, a "national security" issue and the US has its own versions (plural) of Japan's State Secrets Law, the Patriot Act is just one among them.
    There could be other ongoing catastrophes that we are unaware of as well.

    Maybe methane is being released in huge quantities from the ocean floors. Maybe there is some hidden dumping going on that captured governments want to hide?

    Maybe overall pollution along the North American Pacific coast has simply hit a tipping point, precipitated by Fukushima's wet deposition and unprecedented ongoing onslaught.

    Remember that approximately 80 percent of atmospheric contamination ended up in the Pacific Ocean and add to that deliberate dumping and melted fuel in the river under the Daiichi site.

    My heart breaks.
    stock here

    Visit Majia's website here, she knows how to write, I wish I did.    30 years ago I couldn't even spell engineer, now I are one.

    troll in response to Casandra's Comments (the stupid rat mother)

    Why are you repeating things you have already posted? The people who scared this mother with their anti-nuclear propaganda should be prosecuted.



  1. +1,000,000 to Casandra, we need more "stupid rats" like her who can see reality in front of her.

  2. What a load. Stock, your side is pathetic. Fukushima is way way overblown by the rat farm.

  3. Fukushima IS way over blown-up. 4 reactors blown to bits


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