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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Doctor Yamashita, Regrading Fukushima, All You Have to Do Is Smile [And A Comment From Radiation Concerned Mother]

He wants you to "feel safe"

This is criminal, he knows better, he knows how he is lying.
 On Ecowatch responding to trolls that have infested the place, capping every anti nuke comment

Concerned citizen, mother and stupid rat here...atoms4peace, mm and, what you're saying is the greatest technological disaster in human history, multiple meltdowns that we don't have the technology to contain, that's so radioactive that robots can't even go near it, that no amount of money or political will can fix, that is going to bleed radiotoxins into the sea and atmosphere for decades if not centuries...radiotoxins that cause heart attacks, cancers, genetic anomalies, deformities, hair loss, kills nerve cells and small blood vessels, causes seizures, reduces blood counts, causes lymphoma, leukemia, thyroid cancer and infertility, nausea, bloody vomiting and stool is nothing to worry about? Please send me some of whatever industrial strength, military grade shit you are smoking, because I need it. I really do. I think and I know I'm just a stupid rat, that it is a parent's responsibility to leave a better, cleaner world for their children and thanks to people like you we are failing miserably. So from all of us stupid rats who are concerned about the environment and who don't want to suffer everything I previously mentioned, would you kindly STFU and go get another Phd or something. Fiddle much while Rome burns?

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