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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Garden Pictures 2015

"Obviously" the garden isn't cleaned up, no time for niceties, it's nice enough, lol.

Added 10 yards of sand, 18 yards of compost (3 years old, aka organic) deep tilled.

A LOT of the nutritional value is gone from store bought food, at every step
  1. The GMO seeds
  2. High production methods of farming even if not GMO
  3. Processing, over washing to get rid of the pesticides
  4. Pasteurizing, heating to kill bacteria
  5. Radiation kill off of microbes and bacteria (your food is SUPPOSED to be alive)
  6. Preservatives
  7. One wake up moment last year….I pulled a bean straight off the vine and ate it. It was not hard or tough, instantly while biting into the bean it was clear, like being hit upside the head, that "THIS IS FOOD, this is what my body needs"
  8. The Red pill, comes in Green Bean form, grow some organic and see.

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 Just "born" today, yesterday they were eggs.    Baby Robin is 90% mouth.    See the other 2 still laying down?   I hope they are OK.    Robins eat lots of bugs.


  1. Awesome good start on your beautiful garden! Love the birds and the plantings!

    1. Thanks, when you think you are 90% done, a week later, you realize you were 50% done, lol

  2. Awww....and Awe! It's great that you're putting up pics of your garden so folks can see a real example of how to have the best possible food source. For others who are urban and *soiless*....increased support of community gardens, OG farmers and getting to know neighbors are viable steps too.

    Empowerment...priceless! Thanks Stock, for always providing ideas and info. We simply cannot afford to feel hopeless or stagnant these days. :)

    1. Ya TY Teri, last year this garden grew ALL of the Vegetables we needed for full year....still have tons left in freezer and canning. For 4 large mammals.

      This year its better shape and bigger, so undoubtedly we will be selling organic produce.


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