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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pacific Seals Dying Enmasse -- Charts to Bring It Home

From this source

At least they aren't giving them radioactive names this year.

I used a feature of Excel called pivot tables to quickly bring these tables and charts out of the data

Please review and comment

First Table is important, causes of stranding

 These are the ones that didn't make it
 By age and cause of death
 This has to be a gruesome task for those poor marine biologists making half of what the Whores and Woods Hole make

And this comment found on Majia's blog
Majia did an article on Japan's Open Society At Risk
Reading Crisis Without End: Corrupted science and its likewise corrupted offspring' technology--thus in the USA the Federal Agencies have as their prime goal to facilitate and augment corporate profits. Food contaminated with radiation does not serve that purpose, so simply ignore that whole area or lie about it or raise acceptable standards . . . avoid scrupling when people are concerned. Clearly the powers on the planet have given up on their citizenry. Too many of them anyway. Shed the excess. Americans now are like the passenger pigeon. Or the buffalo. This is so beyond grasp that one is stopped in mid thought. It is an invisible silent total war. But, though with little satisfaction, it proves my point that atomic energy among many areas discovered by science has given the world things that the world is too immature to handle properly. Why we do not give matches to small children or loaded guns! The real threat? Russia? Hardly. Isis? Absurd. Obviously nuclear power plants could have been made and run much more safely; or ideally not at all. The USA forced Russia into a nuclear contest. Lied to about the Soviet Unions desire to destroy America. Needed the power plants for bomb making material, etc. Is it too late? By the time the people wake up how many more accidents and meltdowns? Maybe there is enough radiation now to gradually destroy animal life via mutations. I prefer to ignore the Christian right wing and their preoccupation with Satan--but this whole Mess is hard to account for. Don't scientist and engineers have children, grandchildren and friends? How much cancer are we looking at already? Golden retrievers used to live about 16 or 18 years (1972) but now are down to 8 or 9 and then die of cancer usually.
And this contributed by a reader in the comments below

Illinois may be nuclear’s short-term ground zero. Exelon operates nukes at six sites in the state and acknowledged that three – the two-reactor complexes at Quad Cities and Byron, and the Clinton single reactor site – may have priced themselves out of the market. Closure of the three could mean 7,800 job losses at the plants and related industries, according to Exelon’s spokesman Paul Adams. A report earlier this month by several Illinois state agencies cited a smaller job-loss figure, 2,500, but added that the state could add 9,600 jobs in the next four years through energy efficiency and a renewable energy standard.

Another Exelon nuke, the Ginna plant near Rochester, New York, is on the brink. Facing a deadline on power purchases from the 45 year-old plant’s biggest buyer, Rochester Gas & Electric, Ginna will close without a rate hike, according to Exelon. The plant’s license doesn’t expire till 2029

All the water in all the oceans of the world is really not that much when you wrap them all up into one big water balloon as depicted in the picture.    It becomes easier to see how we can actually pollute and destroy all of it.


  1. and those numbers only represent the "known" (landed/accessible) seals / sea lion events

    1. Correct, these are the seals that "made it" to a rescue center, plenty more die at sea and just disappear, many other die on the beach and just go to the county dump.

      And this is just one rescue center.

    2. Yes, and those who are released, post feeding/nurturing, die anyway.
      Someone needs to explain to, "Science", why releasing them back into the (irradiated/ tritiated) waters really would never work.

  2. Thank you for doing what you can, the numbers are startling. I'm very afraid it's going to get a lot worse in a lot more places.
    Bless you for trying !!!

    1. De nada. It always looks the bleakest near a tipping point (tipp it good)

  3. check this out of smallpaper in Florida funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. very refreshing anti nuclear
    part of three part series. you are having an impact stock. you are one of my heroes keep up the good work. a wildlife employee in wy says the antelope herds and raptors are down to stay on topic sorta

  4. None of this is Fukushima related. Move on.

    1. Troll cannot prove that it is not Fukushima related. try.

    2. "Can not prove it was not" makes no sense. Illogical thinking on your part. You cant prove anything is not the cause of nothing. You think Fukushima was a cause of cancer in Florida. The onus is on you to prove it the cause, not for me to disprove it wasnt. Thats the fallacy of the antinuclear cabal. If I exposed you to 5 Sv which is the LD 50/60 acute dose that is one thing, but to state that any dose results in a definite cancer is unscientific and not proven. Even Gofman didnt experiment with ultra low doses on people. His work was tarnished by vendetta. Try harder nuke faux.

    3. "Turd" is eating his words. Factually... Unless he is a home grown... everything in absolute pristine growth state, growing his own foods, from pure heritage gathering. LOL! I think not..

      Ok really. The onus is not for any one to disprove but for others to try to solve the damn problem. NOT through calling a card that doesn't exist.

      Would you care to see the pictures in pre-history on the effects of radiation in the human body. Having really studied the effects pre- ct's and MRI's...radiology treatments that were done...If it did that to humans much bigger than many in the oceans...Flippin burns that left all raw, decreased ability to withstand everyday bacteria, flippin holes left in people...In some pictures and documentation. much of the entire person burned through. (Thank those who went before us to give this information) JUST as we are seeing with the animals.

      Myself burned - absolutely blackened in my areas around the target. Raw, bleeding from treatment, much damage done to interior. Yes I lived but paid a high cost as many muscles were also fried out of existence.

      The life in the ocean- doesn't have our interventions to try to mitigate the damage.

      Really who the HADES really wants to argue over the cause and who has to prove what. We all have eyes and brains. Fuki happened and messed things up in conjunction with all the other harmful items like all the oil spills.

      Enough is enough. Sorry people - but get the Hades out of the conversation if you can't contribute constructively to solve this problem. Tired of hearing the drama mama (goes for men too) and the needlers trying to bait.

      Your children/ grandchildren /great grandchildren won't be able to live on this planet unless we stop this inane back and forth and actually use our brains to mitigate the bs. No more .

      Does everyone realize recent reports from scientists have placed humans on the endangered species list? WAKE the HADES up. Solve it.

    4. Yes, anon; we've been dealing with oil-and-gas and all sorts of chemical releases and filth, including the horror of fracking, which is terrible and releases radionuclides into the atmosphere/ water, too.., for decades. Other than the fracking craze/insanity, we people have actually gotten a bit better at greening up our waters. Of course, we weren't and aren't good at monitoring the Nuclear-Cartel and their method(s) of disposal, directly into the oceans, lakes, rivers.. Then, Fukushima happened, and this changed everything.
      Though all of the chemicals, including what's in oil and gas, have taken their toll, and all of the barrrels of dirty-uranium dumped into the oceans and riverbeds, the tipping-point has (obviously) been Fukushima. And I cannot comprehend why it is so many foolish folk just don't get it. We all learned about ducking and covering, but, did most of us forget what we were taught regarding just how dangerous radiation is? Seems so. And that is how the nuke-cartel has been able to carry on for so many decades.

  5. tempty rhetoric empty suits nuclear shills in cahoots you get paid to post dumn lies cowards in hiding who cover their eyes

  6. stock is a genius and highly spiritual person. the trolls are so transparent. probably sitting at a keyboard smokin a cig makin their rounds to different sites for the day. from ioris fukushima diary

    1. If stock were a genius he would have the solution instead he is just another wannabe.

    2. Hey, turd; you think there's a solution to any of this? Sadly, there is not. The only positive step we might take is to shut-down all nuke reactors and stop using nuclear-weapons on others. Do you think either will happen? Don't count on it. And, even if it was done, I think it would be a drop in the proverbial bucket, in comparison to what's coming out of Japan.


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