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Friday, June 12, 2015

Pro Nuke Trolls Are Now Out In Force, Theirs Tactics Are Adpating and Becoming More Deceitful and Intolerant

We have been running a troll study.    The results will be interesting but I think a birds eye view can be had just by reviewing these comments. 

This is from one troll over the last several days, last name Mann.    He is not the worst of them, in fact, I would label him the "best" in terms of conduct, but he is almost full time.   Many others are part time.

Here is a link to Washington's Blog listing 15 tactics of the troll to disrupt conversations that go against their corporate propaganda.   Review it first, then review the troll comments.    REMEMBER this is one of the "nicer trolls".

Also, I put the list of 15 Tactics at the bottom, and a summary here

1) Start a partisan divide and conquer.   Get people fighting, rile everyone up, play the race or religion cards or both.    Trying to create defensive posture, especially whilst confusing with odd sentence structure or just discordant comments.
2) Pretend that it is hopeless.   You will be crushed by the corporate juggernaut, you will never get past "whining to the choir", your efforts have been worthless.
3) Demand complete fool proof, guaranteed solution and citation, all from peer reviewed science.
4) Suggest extreme over the top "solutions", discredit the community by being too far "out there"
5) Pretend that alternative media is automatically wrong out of the gate.    Discredit any blog as a "personal website", pretend they are doing it for pay, or just for "clicks"
6) "Shout Down" reasonable comments, an avalanche of comments and attacks.
 7) Use an Army of sock puppets.    Troll will drop an attack, get a response, and then a different troll will respond, thus not giving credibility to the response of the person attacked.
 8) Censor Social Media so the hardest hitting information is buried.   Multiple rapid fire responses, capping, or front running with a blast of drivel or a very long post.
9) When the conspiracy becomes true, pretend that it could never have been foreseen, it was not a credible probably that's why it wasn't considered.
10) Protect the corporate goal by labeling detractors as conspiracy theorists, or nuts, or hippies
11) Become incredulously, indignant, or throw a hissy fit.   This is exactly what sociopaths do when you start to back them into a corner.
12) Use a Straw Man, a false position that can easily be knocked down.   Have a team troll post up a seemingly genuine argument with weaknesses easy to attack.
13) Hit and Run.    Make a brief attack and then don't respond, better yet, show up as another sock and make a complementary attack.
14) Question motives. Twist words and then imply bias or profit motive, put them on the defensive.
15) Associate opponent charges with "old news", pretend the issue is already settled.

Comments from the Troll

The only troll I see here is you, NukePro it's even in your name! [stock here, what the heck is it talking about] You should go back and figure out how a steam bubble can add positive
reactivity to an already solid shutdown reactor.

It's just the truth. You seem unstable, so I will spell it out for you,
you are not welcome in my home, you would be dealt with as a trespasser,
a stalker, we would take appropriate actions.

Fukushima radiation didn't have any significant negative health effects,
the irrational fear that you exacerbate on the other hand has
significant measurable negative health effects....

Please read what you wrote; I did not lie. I use my real name! I tell
the truth as I see it. I endure your idiotic accusations and name
calling. I am not a representative of anyone but myself. You are the one
seriously deluded without a clue, completely taken in by charlatans
like Arnie Gundrsen who makes millions off of speaking engagements, book
deals, lawsuit witness fees and his no-profit organisation from
promoting fear, which hurts people. He doesn't seem to care as long as
his checks clear the bank. He disgusts me and seems to be your hero.

Are you publicly stating that you or someone you know put explosives
inside the core at Fukushima? That seems rather far fetched even for

You go to great lengths to keep your imaginary conspiracy theories
alive, you fail to see how ridiculous you sound. No amount of money
would keep me silent in that situation, your view of the world is very

Yes, I want the truth to get out, it will destroy your little conspiracy fantasy. Knowledge is better than fear!

Another link to your personal website? When you think the only place
you can get the "truth" is from yourself, you may need help...

Link to your personal website? again? How much $$ do you get per click?

That is a new one, where did you get that 5 people died from neutron radiation? How do you get away with such false statements?

Why would you post historical fact, when he is attempting to post a well used meme of the anti-nuclear propaganda machine?

In my experience ENEnews is worse than useless, I have never read
anything there that was consist ant with my over 35 years of hands on
experience. There are untruths, hyperbole and outright lies published
there as if they were news stories. Whoever is responsible for that site
is causing public harm and as someone who has spent the last 35 years
protecting the public, it truly disgusts me.

How much are you paid?

I have already learned that you don't understand even the basic
terminology and concepts of nuclear power technology, I will not visit
your site and by doing so lend an air of legitimacy to it.

Show me any proof that the levels released cause any harm. You do
realize that you also routinely release radionuclides as every living
human has done since the beginning.

So you are accusing me of being a murderer in a public forum? I'm no
lawyer, but isn't that libel? My job is to ensure the safety of the
public, what is your job?

My opinions are my own I am in no way a spokesperson for the R. E. Ginna
nuclear power plant, You are in no way a nuclear professional.

I am having a great science based, reality day, you have a nice conspiracy driven paranoia based weekend!

If we didn't correct his memes and propaganda people may actually
believe CaptD's malarkey and have unnecessary stress and anxiety. "The
only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing." We can't sit idle while these fear mongers hurt people...

Do you know what an I&C technician does? Do you even know what I&C stands for?

I can't seem to get my sun to shine at night and the wind doesn't seem
to blow on demand, my refrigerator seems to only work when it has power.
I guess if its cloudy and the wind is not blowing we can shut down the
businesses and send everyone home until we have power again, brilliant!

99% of Fukushima residents should not only be allowed back, but most of
them would have been better off if they had never been evacuated.

Brian just is interpreting it as abusiveness, in reality it is an attempt to teach, replace the irrational fear with knowledge.

When you state that people with correct scientific facts are lying
trolls and people who obviously make money from fear are telling the
truth, then there is something wrong with your reasoning skills or your

Radiophobia just describes your irrational fear of radiation.

, I don't see any term of the six factor formula going very positive
towards criticality, I am not a reactor engineer or physicist so my
interpretation may be too basic.

Your psycho-babble is about as valid as your nuclear knowledge, I would
bet NukePro has been in therapy, being a patient doesn't qualify you to
give psychiatric advice, any more than having your own website makes you
a nuclear professional.. But none of this has anything to do with the
subject and is NukePro's attempt at derailing the discussion with ad
hominem attacks on people with the knowledge. experience and education
to debunk his anti-nuclear fear mongering.

I tried to teach you, but you clearly do not have the capacity to learn,
That is ok, I'm sure there are many people who aren't afraid to learn.
There were NO CRITICALITY events at Fukushima. I tried to explain it in
words you could understand, but it seems I failed to simplify it enough
for you. I hope I did explain it well enough for everyone else to

Look up projection on a psychology website. Projection is the
psychological phenomenon where someone denies some aspect of their
behavior or attitudes and assumes instead that others are doing or
thinking so. sociopath

Postscript:  Over a number of years, we’ve found that the most effective way to fight disruption and disinformation is to link to a post such as this one which rounds up disruption techniques, and then to cite the disinfo technique you think is being used.
Specifically, we’ve found the following format to be highly effective in educating people in a non-confrontational manner about what the disrupting person is doing:
Good Number 1!
Thanks for that textbook example of Number 7!
(include the link so people can see what you’re referring to.)

The reason this is effective is that other readers will learn about the specific disruption tactic being used … in context, like seeing wildlife while holding a wildlife guide, so that one learns what it looks like “in the field”.   At the same time, you come across as humorous and light-hearted instead of heavy-handed or overly-intense.

Try it … It works
Update from stock

The trolls have successfully lobbied Facebook to have my account removed, well "restricted" until I provide real proof of identification.  A comment posted at ENENEWS 

Ya bo, the troll infestation is clear and obvious

Capping every comment
Character assassination

Hundreds and hundreds of troll denials, minimizations, contradictions.    They can do 100 without provided one relevant piece of information.

Then they all disappear at once, as if they need to get a strategy from a handler.   Then they all come back at once.

Newest method of operation, after 1 or 2 trolls cap hundreds of comments, they make up a brand new troll to take over capping, so that it is not so obvious (although it is plenty obvious) that the troll has no job except to disrupt the conversation.   Saw this yesterday, 2 brand new trolls, never seen before anywhere, took up the capping attack.  

Finally, multiple trolls threatening libel and defamation lawsuits

Then on the same day, my Facebook account was restricted....they insist using real name and proof with ID/phone numbers.    I guess my next Facebook name will at least resemble a real name.

The dying bronto is dangerous even as it falls.   Hopefully it won't fall on a beach so at least the whales have room to beach themselves <sick sarc> not to be confused with sick shark.....


  1. Manna from Heaven. Someone notices the nefarious activities of pro nuclear trolls. I've been trolled for several years. I did manage to get one Twitter account shut down. He immediately opened another Twitter account and continued trolling me.

  2. Don't worry, we are all going to be gone soon.

  3. I think the best tactic to follow once a troll is identified is to ignore the troll, and stay on your message. Remember, every keystroke you spend on the troll is a victory for the troll - ignore and stay on point.

    1. I was hoping by my "study" on trolls to be able to help create a process whereby they are more quickly eliminated.

      This is my contribution to removing one tentacle of the vampire squid.

      Also, agree, very little point in spending time arguing with trolls, they have a mission. however, exposing their lies has some value.

      If there are any "innocent bystanders"!

  4. You will never eliminate the truth. Your efforts are actually helping to usher in a new generation of nuclear proponents and technology. I'm from California. This IP is from the Bay Area. The pulse here is that this is yesterday's news. Time to move on with more productive pursuits.

    1. Uh no, but the pro nuke trolls are creating quite a few anti nuke activists because people are sick of the lies.


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