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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Revisit to Reactor 4 Explosions and Melt-Outs

First a good contrast enhanced view of Reactor 3 Explosions, there were 3 blasts
Did reactor 4 equipment pool have both a "blast out" followed by a corium ooze?    It appears so.

My kingdom for the video of Fuku 4 blowing up

The $64,000 question, in the lower picture of the reactor cap, why are some of the bolts popped up, this was from a micro helicopter fly by?

Here are some various pictures, with annotations on occasion. And here a video on criticality by AntiProtons who does great work And the SL-1 Criticality Accident, one man impaled on the ceiling. True story, this is $7500 recreation
------------------------------------------------------ the Demon Core

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