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Friday, June 26, 2015

Rod Adams at ATomic Insights, Bans stock For Posting Information From a FOIA Email on 5 Lethal Doses

stock here, I have been banned 3 times at Atomic Insights.    What a Rabid Pro Nuclear Circle Kumbaya  they have going on over there.

For exposing the 5 lethal doses email, which occurred  perfectly timed with the massive release of neutrons during the Reactor 3 Nuclear Explosion, aka Moderated Prompt Criticality--- stock, posting at NP (Nuke Pro) was actually banned on this comment.

What a Rod Adams from below: "if you attempt to post such blatantly incorrect material without finding a credible source first, you will be banned."

stock here---LOL, as if the NRC email was not a credible source.   Interesting, the NRC response to Rod Adams inquiry does not state "these 5 deaths did not occur", they dodge and state "others state that the deaths did not occur"

Here is Rod Adams website if you can stand the grandiose precious stench.

Sorry Rod, you didn't squash anything, if fact you made it more clear how important it is to the pro nuke cartel play book to make sure the Prompt Moderated Criticality is covered up.   

Here is a short ENENEWS article with the 5 lethal doses email, and only 22 comments


As I said before, I find it highly unlikely that there was a misunderstanding in this matter of discussing radiation deaths.
I believe that these deaths did occur, and that the Japanese and Americans decided to cover them up. I believe that a likely moderated prompt criticality at Reactor 3 building (be it the MOX /used fuel pool or the reactor itself), resulted in a massive release of neutrons and 5 people took the hit.
Also interesting that the US MOX plant, estimated to be 2500% over budget, has been killed, and will still cost the American Taxpayers 311M just to keep in “mothball” conditions. It is also clear to me that those privy to real information do now realize the dangers of the frisky neutrons in the MOX.
I’ll say one thing for you – you are stubbornly creative.
I guess I’ll say one more thing. You are patently wrong. There were no deaths and there was no coverup.
There is no way to hide a “moderated prompt criticality” and no way that used fuel in a racked spent fuel pool can ever go critical.
Here’s a warning – if you attempt to post such blatantly incorrect material without finding a credible source first, you will be banned.
By the way — I’ve been privy to “real information” for my entire career. Used to have both clearances & need to know.
stock and the Circle Kumbaya continues with the classic trolls.....

Michael Mann
Thank you for putting up with the anti-nuclear rants, it helps illustrate the depth of their misconceptions, sometimes we forget how little the average anti-nuke actually understands. Futile as most attempts to educate and inform them seem to be, I appreciate the effort put forth by mjd, yourself, and others to correct their gross conceptual errors.
Mike Mann
@Michael Mann
Thank you for the kind words, but I need to gently disagree with you. Many people who are opposed to nuclear energy are quite well informed about its capabilities and understand the technology pretty well. In fact, it is their understanding of what the technology is capable of doing in the hands of well-trained operators, skilled managers and empowered engineers/constructors that scares the heck out of them.
They are scared because if nuclear succeeds, their futures will be vastly different. There are some who honestly
1) dislike the human species and prefers to make as powerless as possible. There are some who envision a
2) pastoral world powered by trees, sun and wind and realize that successful nuclear energy will crowd out efforts to build that world. Finally,
3) there are some who prosper in our current hydrocarbon economy and who’s capital investments or carefully developed skills would be worth less (not worthless, mind you) in the inevitable Actinide Economy.
If I have forgotten any major groups of informed opponents, feel free to add them to the description.


  1. There were no deaths. Before I schooled you four years ago, you didn't even know neutrons were a by-product of criticality. You made up the deaths to try and give some credence to your theory. It won't work. You pulled that out of your ass as did you pull the crit out as well. No corroborating evidence from you. Nothing but wild ass speculation.

    1. folks this is the atomsforpeace1 troll.

      You have the ignorance or the gall to pretend that I "made up" the 5 deaths from thin air, when in fact it was reported by the NRC right after the Nuclear Explosion at R3.

  2. Not ignorance or gall, just the facts. Your site has jumped the shark. Japan reactors restarting means you and the rat farm lose.


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