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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Washingtons 15 Rules Of Internet Troll Disruption

At about 600 comments on this "goofy article" I posted the following and shut it down, it was an interesting process.  


Well my work here is done.    I have collaborated with Ecowatch to create a "goofy article about a goofy movie" and then see if it would be possible to get 600 to 1000 comments, most of the from pro nuke trolls.

This and in conjunction with a few other Wasserman articles that are more on topic, and "deserve" technical commentary.   We will be comparing the tactics of these so called "trolls", use IP analysis, look for obvious fake IP changes, and comparing tactics mainly using Washingtons criteria of 15 troll tactics.   

We will also be using time of day posting, like it was very interesting today that in the midst of a heated discussion, I brought up steam as a reactivity factor.    ALL the trolls shut down for almost 4 hours exactly, and then all piled back in within minutes.  

It's an amazing world we live in.   

Here are the 15 Washington Rules

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