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Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Classic Rant Received from Lot's Wife

Friends of the Earth Australia rocks!

However... Irrespective of the eventual toll from Fuku, the FOE analysis demonstrates what we're up against. Mauled by a grizzly, we are. The wounds and rot runs so deep, injuries so pervasive, that when presented to an ER doc amputation is task one.

Now, with China's bubble popping; Greece on fire and the Euro poised to collapse; USG proxy wars flaming in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Ukraine; a water war in California; and, with the US presidential election cycle ginning up, this report's significance is that of dust in a hurricane.

 About the best we can do is point at it while adjusting our breathing masks.

Homo-sapiens' vaunted intelligence [command of the field] has opened the door to its demise.

At the micro level, the hubris is revealed in the actions of Tiger Woods, OJ, Bill Cosby, Bernie Madoff, Colin Powell, Jack Abramoff, David Patraeus, Jesse Jackson, Jr., John Edwards, Duke Cunningham and many others.

Intelligence is dissolved by temptations of power. It's an acid that can't be contained.
Similar to unstable elements with rogue intentions.


The myth of the peaceful atom - debunking the misinformation peddled by the nuclear industry and its supporters

Jim Green, Nuclear Monitor #804, 28 May 2015
The greatest risks associated with the nuclear fuel cycle are weapons proliferation and related risks such as military strikes on nuclear plants. The nuclear industry and its supporters have developed an elaborate set of tactics and myths to trivialize the proliferation risks.

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  1. The us is floating on a layer of radioactive ooze


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