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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cancer Stories, and Treatment With Radiation and Chemotherapy

I'll be using this article to compile some real life stories about cancer in humans.

The focus will be on Big Med, the Medical Industry, and Big Pharma (totally non-organic, lol).

Here is one story shared at ENENEWS July 2015

If you have a story you want to share, email it to me

or post it into comments.

The metric by which they judge "sucess" is whether you are still alive in 5 years, without active cancer.    I guess you have to set the bar somewhere, but this arbitrary measurement of sucess, and the implication that even if the treatment is going to kill you after 5 years but "give THEM sucess" now....well that is something to think about.

Now the whales…we are next, and a story for our time. My youngest son at 41 years was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma B (HLb) 3 years ago…a "treatable" disease Stage…as the medical profession sells it. HLb sits near the top of the list of "beatable" cancers. They say, "If you're going to get cancer, this is the one to get".

Keep in mind, success (clean and in remission) is usually measured up to 5 years. With NIH/CDC and a score of leading cancer treatment and research hospitals, like. MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, Mayo, etc., the current chemo cocktail is ABVD. Employing the identical protocol using a chemo cocktail (ABVD) administered every 2 weeks for 6 months, the cancer was eradicated including a 10mm tumor on his liver.

[3 PET Scans and 4 CAT Scans w/contrast from diagnosis to today, now looking at a PET Scan every year, forever]

It's been established that low dose radiation is a frequent conditional precursor to Leukemia. HLb frequently morphs into Leukemia…Gee…no sh#t. Radiation therapy can also injure the lungs, especially when given with Bleomycin, the "B" in ABVD, and survivors who have had chest radiation are also at risk for developing lung cancer. Save him on one hand, and kill him with the other…good medicine, I think not.

And sadly he knows; but, he bravely carries on, for what else can he do. It hurts so much to watch this. His story is happening everywhere; and, the numbers of those affected are growing exponentially. His story is not the exception. Radiation…the ultimate and final toxic insult (destruction) to all things biological.


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    1. Ya, thanks eh, I made that song into a post, with lyrics

  2. I believe "nukular" power killed at least a large number of my Aunts and Uncles and other wonderful relatives back East via Cancer (& prolly Heart Attack, Diabetes, etc.).

    Oh, it was their lifestyle! Where have i heard that "one-liner lie (of omission & emiSSion)" before? Hmm.

    Anyway, i saw the title of this post, and thought it might be worth sharing my disgust of the "lame-stream" media use of the word "story" when they describe an article &/or set of eyewitness reports. I know you meant nothing bad by it, and am not offended - just thought it might ring true with you too.

    I know the word means much more than what i "hear".
    They are narratives that are as far as i am concerned true. (there it is again, a narritive is either true or fictitious; grr!)
    Yet it is that at least the "lame-stream" just slap such things with a label like "story".

    I know intrinsicly that many poster here, on ENE & FD, Bobby's and elsewhere have at least "nukular" contamination and massive holes in their hearts where loved ones were ripped away from them in untimely and very painful manner. Actually, it is one of those facts that i have slowly acquired over time via chats that seems to go mostly unnoticed ...

    There must be a better word to convey the impact of what it is being relayed. "Report" doesn't even do justice.

    Apologies for acting like "thought police" here in any way, even if slight.
    It just seems sometimes that there are no proper words to convey what it is that a persons senses, feels or thinks that actually reflect reality without ambiguity.

    Nip another "nukular" plant in the dole. It's high time to end that misplaced misdirected and very mistaken charity!
    I like it best that this avenging is wrought without violence (other than what was brought upon those that have passed on and those still suffering as they best can), and that is very sweet indeed. Tip it, bud!

    1. Lets tip Palisades, it can't be harder than tipping a cow, gosh golly

    2. WPPSS! I neglected to mention the survivors.
      A few criticize Onto not having a clue of what he survived, and that it's a miracle he's with us. Pink Sky/Cesium Sky is brilliant.

      How can i help with Palisades from north of the border?

      There is an election going on here, though it has yet to be declared.
      PM Harper doesn't want to debate with Green Party leader Elizabeth May in it. I think she would "kick his butt", so-to-speak. Greens are the only ones talking about investing in Solar Energy. NDP might form minority govt., but all big three seem like they will impliment "right to suicide" and "euthanasia", which apparently happens in Belgium with or without consent at times now.


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