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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Confirmed! NASA and NOAA Confirm My Earler Post on Earth Magnetic Pole Shifting, Danger Level is Unknown

I have been weighing in for several years on the pole shift.   As a solar installer and designer in Hawaii over a few years I noticed my compass readings just not lining up with what I shot before.

And I thought it odd, that NO ONE was talking about it.    Was this the reason for the rampant corruption and the unabashed transfer of wealth (theft) mechanism?   For the powers that be to "get theirs" before the shite hits the fan?    We will see.

One very important fact that not many people are putting together.....when we have a weak Magnetic Shield, we are more likely to take a killing blow from the sun.    That's why they call it the Magnetic Shield.    

The below poem was created after an actual dream in which the dreamer saw the pole flip.

attribution - Anonymous
date: early 1980s
an actual dream then wrote the poem later

So now we have Confirmed:

1) Magnetic Pole Shift
2) Near Miss Carrington Event Strength Solar CME Blasts, as the sun enters a strange and dangerous "quiet spell"
3) Giant Holes In The Earths Magnetic Field (the magnetic field protects up from Carrington type CME and from being fried by Cosmic Radiation, of which gamma is our main concern.

Hard to believe?
The north pole was over Canada until a few years back it decided to start racing across the ocean and is now over Russia

Looks scary right?    Source of the material?   NOAA

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Mainstream" Media and Governments are on this now, getting ready for a Carrington Event

And finally a scary title about big Magnetic holes, gigantic actually.....must be from some conspiracy site, right?

Nope, its from NASA

And Suspicious Observers rolls out a special site just on the Pole Flip


  1. Imagine if rising Ocean ☢ and temp. caused pole reversal...
    Would the earth "flip us off"?

    1. LOL those whales would sure flip us the bird, but all they can do is beach themselves, and its getting hard to find a place without a mass species die off to beach on.


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