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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Erica Gray Bodyslams the Paid Nuclear Pimps Who Are Sent for Propaganda

At this article, Erica had this to say.


Erica Gray · Top CommenterWritten by "THE EDITORIAL BOARD"...what, no one wants to put their name on this infomercial piece?
Who ever wrote it.either is not paying attention or works for the nuclear industry. Saying "the demand for electrical power in the United States is only projected to rise in the future" is hype, because even the VA Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority menttoned at their last meeting,consumption is going down. But they are really interested in exporting the technology. The one thing that is increasing, is the amount of nuclear waste and still after 70 years the industry still doesn't have a solution. It's not like you can just throw it in a hole in the ground. We are talking about a waste product that is toxic and dangerous for thousands of years!

Another reality check is, this proposed new nuclear reactor has never been commercially built and operated any where in the world. Plus. why would we put all our eggs in one basket (3 nuclear reactors) in a seismic zone ~ where we have already been warned we could have even stronger earthquakes?
Here's a map that shows the fault lines, even though the latest one discovered isn't on the map yet (Quail Fault)

Dominion boasts, the new reactor would be 2x's a strong...but if unit's 1 and or 2 down't make it and that is very possible being both units have already had their design basis exceeded by the 2011 earthquake (11 miles from North Anna)...we would really be screwed.
Just remember. there are 3 melted reactor cores out of the 6 at Fukushima and the technology doesn't even exist yet to deal with the catastrophic disaster..

Hell, Dominion can't even locate or fix a radioactive tritium leak that has been ongoing for years now. Last report well GWP#6 was 3 times the EPA safe drinking water level...oh but don't worry it's just on the facilities property.
Make sure you check out the report, as it also shows all the other routinely released radioactive gases.

When the whole fuel chain for nuclear is included, uranium mining, milling, processing, all the in between and then the forever storage of it's waste, it's CO2 intensive and it's pretty clear nuclear is NOT clean and green.

What's even more disturbing is North Anna's history. It was knowing built on a fault line and lies.
Who ever wrote this article can't hide the truth.

No, another nuclear reactor at North Anna is too risky, too costly and frankly is immoral to continue using an energy source that threatens our health, land and future, be it through an accident or an act of terrorism and will burden the next 3000 generations with it's waste product.

True renewables, energy efficiency and a distributed grid is the solution.


  1. Great commentary erica gray. great article stock. the nukers are psychopaths like the cia
    because they use psychology and propaganda for evil like the cia and kgb

  2. Erica Gray looks like she hasn't been laid in a long time.


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