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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Its Time to Close Palisades, SW Michigan Sierra Club, Gunderson, Chi-Town Boudart, and NukePro are ready to make the push

I received this reader comment and decided to make a post.   See if we can get just 6 people on board to write some letters,  get a few other people going in the same direction, write a few versions of sample letters that people can use to send to politicians, letters to the editors, and they could be materials for comments on news outlets that allow comments.

I think we can shut this down this year.    We need another confirmed kill.


Hey, Stock,

About closing Palisades -- I'll try to make this simple. I am asking constituents in the towns surrounding Palisades to submit a letter to their city councils or commissions asking that they pass a resolution requesting (demanding?) that Palisades be closed.

We did this in Chicago about the Ontario Power Generation L.Huron dump. Mayor Emanuel introduced it himself and it passed. Whether OPG will dump the dump is another question.

My idea was to start the letter going (I wrote it and passed it through Arnie Gunderson); then Bruce Brown of SWMichigan Sierra Club said he would help get it to people he knows in the towns around Palisades. In the letter I focused on an internal accident that could cause the brittle reactor vessel to crack or shatter. Arnie said an earthquake would not be the problem.

Then I used the Chicago Council resolution as a template for a "fantasy" resolution to give compatible councils something to go on to write their resolutions. Entergy is the corp that runs Palisades. (stock here, Entergy is the slumlord of nuke)Yankee Rowe in MA was closed when it was younger than Palisades because it faced Palisades's embrittlement problems when they were not as bad.

I'm encouraged by your statement from at least two years ago that Palisades has to be closed. You hear this from everyone in the know.

I know that the problems at Palisades are greater than “just” embrittlement, but that is the main focus of why it must be closed.

I'd love to hear from you and any of your fans that want to help with this project.

Jan Boudart,

Rogers Park, Chicago.

stock, here is an Ecowatch article, you can comment on the stupidity of a nuke waste dumps on a penisula on the Great Lakes.

Here are an assortment of articles on Palisades

Mar 21, 2015
Palisades, as they are under review for a very dangerous brittle core material (see next article, is so compalcent that whilst they are under the microscope they still allow a massive leak to continue unabated for 9 days.
Mar 19, 2015
Entergy Nuclear has applied for multiple regulatory rollbacks at its 44-year-old Palisades atomic reactor in Michigan on the Great Lakes shore (see photo), which has the worst neutron radiation embrittled RPV in the U.S. ...
Sep 03, 2013
Palisades worker found drunk on the job. She has been fired. Isn't it great when the employees running a dilapitated old nuke plant, which recently had large releases of radiation into Lake Michigan, are found drunk on the job ...

Apr 03, 2015
Zion Nuclear Plant Doesn't Have Enough Money to Clean Itself Up. And Palisades is Polluting Lake Michigan As Badly as Fukushima. Poor Lake. The NRC is complicit in allowing a separate entity to be "responsible for ...

Entergy is a Slumlord and Palisades is Leaking Into Lake Michigan and a long list of violations

This from a Nuke Worker.......
Desperation is no excuse for shitting where you live.
And the violations have continued since this was written

Cash for Clunkers - Palisades in the Spot Light

Classic clunker - See comment at bottom RE Palisades Michigan clunker, makes Detroit look modern. And they are bringing in an additional 1165 people just to duct tape and baling wire this clunker together.

They cost so much to decommission, they just find excuses to keep running

Cash for clunkers is needed. Seriously, under the Corporate Creed of so called maximization of share holder value, "they" have no choice but to try to keep running these clunkers. The clunkers only cost $100M to $200M to buy, and a new plant cost $14B (that the Vogtle estimate and cost over runs usually are 250% so use your imagination)

So from a greed only (maximize shareholder value) the only option that makes sense is to keep the clunkers running, their insurance only pays $375M per plant, even though meltdown cleanup cost can run $100B to $200B per government estimates.


Former Exelon CEO Rowe: Shutting down struggling nukes is 'the proper market-driven answer'

CHICAGO -- Even three years removed from running Exelon Corp., John Rowe is still among the few people who needs no name badge or introduction at electric industry events.
Rowe, who grew up on a Wisconsin farm and attended a one-room schoolhouse, spent more than three decades as a utility chief executive. He's best known for taking over troubled Commonwealth Edison Co. in the late 1990s and overseeing the transformation into Exelon, the nation's largest utility owner and operator of the largest fleet of nuclear plants.
And Just TODAY, looks like Excelon's quad city nuclear is a goner.....from the CEO of Exelon

Looks like Exelon's Quad Cities nuclear plant is a goner come September.
Chris Crane, CEO of the Chicago-based utility giant, which also is the largest nuclear plant operator in the country, made clear on a conference call with analysts today that he doesn't see a way to keep money-losing Quad Cities open....


  1. To Stock and his following: Here is a sample letter to present to your favorite commissioner or council member. Write or re write according to your own lights (however, I thought earthquakes were a danger and Arnie Gunderson said they were not).

    Thanks for reading and even more thanks for participating. ChiTown Boudart!

    To Whom it May Concern:

    This is to request that the city council of (your city or town) pass a resolution to the effect that the Nuclear Power Plant at Palisades be closed immediately. It has become brittle. And two similar reactors with the same problem have been closed for safety reasons.

    Palisade’s embrittlement affects the reactor vessel, a structure that contains the nuclear heart of the power plant, its nuclear core. Originally eight inches of stainless steel, 44 years of bombardment with escaping neutrons beaming out of the fuel rods, has turned the reactor into what is, essentially, glass.

    Embrittlement means the reactor vessel would crack instead of flex if there were a rapid depressurization. For example, a broken pipe would require injection of emergency cooling water that would cause the reactor vessel to crack or shatter. It would not be able to hold the pressurized water necessary to cool the nuclear core, overheating the fuel core. In the excess heat zirconium, an essential element throughout the core, reacts catastrophically with water to produce hydrogen gas causing an explosion. 

    The combination of expanding steam and exploding gasses is documented in the images of the skeletal remains of the containment structures of Fukushima/Daiichi.

    At least two NPPs of similar design were closed when they were much younger than Palisades. They became embrittled, only to a lesser degree than is affecting Palisades today.
    Yankee Rowe in Rowe Massachusetts was closed after 31 years of operation. In 1992 the board of directors of Yankee Atomic Electric Co. voted to shut down Yankee Rowe rather than spend the money to investigate repairing its embrittled reactor.
    And in Japan at least one of the four Genaki reactors in Kyushu province is not being considered for reopening because of the same problem.

    The Palisades plant should be closed. Being subject to accident as it is, it threatens the living water of 40 million people. (Your city or town) should do all it can to protect its own citizens and the greater community that shares Lake Michigan and, indeed, all the Great Lakes.

    1. That is simple enough and excellent, now how else can we spread the word? And get people motivated enough to spend 16 minutes on a letter and mailing time, and to find out where to send it?

    2. Start by calling your elected Leaders and ask them if they accept money from Nuclear Operators and if they will take a stand to protect their voters.

      Start a "Hashtag" whre everyone can go to see an ever expanding amount of info on each reactor.

      Here is one I started on #SanOnofreGate The new hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.

    3. It's an international concern, including Bruce wanting to make a dump, is it not?
      Save the Great Lakes, and spare the internation resource.
      First Nations were ready to go to war in Oka, not long ago.
      Recent decisions in Supreme Court have enshrine First Nations rights and title to lands and resources within those boundaries.

      Quote: "The unanimous ruling granted the Tsilhqot’in First Nation title to a 1,700-square-kilometre area of traditional land outside its reserve, marking the end of a decades-long battle.

      But it also clarified major issues such as how to prove aboriginal title and when consent is required from aboriginal groups, which will affect negotiations on major projects such as the Northern Gateway pipeline.

      The traditional territory in question is located to the south and west of Williams Lake and Alexis Creek in B.C.'s Interior. (CBC)

      “This is a case of national significance and national importance, bulletproof in its legal reasoning,” says Bill Gallagher, a former treaty rights negotiator and author of Resource Rulers."

      There must be many on both shores of many differing persuasions all with common cause. Black lives matter, First Nations lives matter, Women and children's lives matter. So many despondant and need reminder that YES, their lives do matter.

      Hands around the shoreline?


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