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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nibiru and Jade Helm, Shocked to Find Them Linked in Conspiracy Theories

I am not a "big fan" of the Nibiru "conspiracy theory", although so many conspiracy theories are later proven 100% true.    But I started running down this rabbit hole based on a comment from obewanspeaks.    It was kind of fun.  

I have a very expensive telescope that I bought a few years back.   Being busy, we only got it set up 1 time for some moon viewing.   Now I am motivated to get it set up, and get some proficiency.    

It is an 8" Celestron C8 SGT XLT

A fantastically good telescope, able to hook up to a camera, and also able to hookup to a computer and be controlled by the computer ...."go to Orion Nebula" and it takes you right there.    It has its own GPS so it has a pretty good idea where it is in the world, then you just point it at any three bright sky objects, and it then knows automatically where everything is Exactly.    Pick any 3 bright objects and you don't even have to tell it what those objects are.

I'll let you know if I find Nibiru

I do believe  that based on unprecedented, blatant, and unabashed greed and wealth transfer, that their could be a major event to happen to the earth.    And that the powers that be are simply boosting their war chest in a quest for their own survival.

Code, did you see the KCRA video and what is the/your explanation since this looks like a planet that no one could identify. :(
Maybe you know which two planets we are seeing in this video?
Obe's original post moved here.
"Well I hate rumors and if this thing is not out there then what is in these pictures. What are we seeing a hoax? If not a hoax then what planet is it? Anyone know? 3 locations?"

stock here:
 Some of the folks who put youtube up on Nibiru are just whacked out.    Not so credible.

Here is an actual image feed from Google Sky, showing what is  claimed was a previously blacked out area of space.    Now it shows a "winged" star.   Check it out for yourself.

Direct Link to Google Sky

 Apparently 78% of viewers who decided to take the poll thought that Nibiru is real

The original article is here

This 8 page paper from Viale University in Italy attempts to calculate reasons for an aberration in the movement of the Earth's Moon.     They do not rule out a Nibiru type object causing that.

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there.
One I finally dove into this AM was Jade Helm 15 Nothing too "crazy" about Jade Helm.

It is simply an internal to America military operation that will help multiple government agencies establish command and communications systems that would help quell an internal unrest, say from a group of "insurgents" which could be terrorists, activists, or revolutionaries.

No I don't think that it is a rollout to martial law in the USA.

This PDF explains Jade Helm pretty clearly.


  1. that's one sweet telescope! look forward to seeing your findings.

    1. I am stoked to set it up, first time around my brother did the whole setup, so I am not sure how but know it is extensive. It will be great to have in operation though. I did the research prior to purchase, and it can do a lot.

      stock out

  2. the internet has the good bad and the ugly. there is conspiracy truth and believe me i know there is a lot of it and twisted conspiracy crap used to try to brainwash aware audience who know the msm sucks. here is something that is really crazy stock and i wont put it on enenews cause i think people get carried away there. this guy was the papal translator. it will blow your socks off

    1. I see......don't let PT get her hands on that, lol

      The second volume (In principle) shows the events told in the biblical Book of Genesis which, unlike traditionally supported, does not speak ever of the creation of the heavens and the Earth but of the construction of a dam, reclamation of the underlying territory, starting of cultivation activities and livestock…

      It also contains the story of the making of Adams and females (Eve) through genetic engineering, the activity conducted by the Elohim to stabilize planet Earth using Lunar satellite…

      … and much more


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