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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nuclear Companies REstructure to Protect Profitable Business Segments and Isolate Them From Dying Nuclear Segments

stock here: this was very predictable and was in fact predicted.    You will see more and more of this.   And you can expect the captured "regulatory" agencies of NRC and DOE to give approvals when necessary.

The Nuke segments will hold the money losing assets, and the responsibility for "decommissioning" and of course those costs, will ultimately be born by the taxpayers.     The corporations are already looting the decommissioning funds even though those funds are only 25% of what is needed to get the task done.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The 148-year-old Babcock & Wilcox Co., headquartered in Barberton from 1906 to 1978, and still employing about 2,000 here, has split into two independent companies.
No layoffs are planned, and B&W shareholders now own shares in both companies.
One company, now named Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. will continue to call itself Babcock & Wilcox and focus on B&W's traditional business constructing steam boilers fired by coal, gas and renewable fuels, including waste materials, and developing emission technologies for these power plants and other industries.
The other company will carry on with B&W's nuclear business, building, servicing and refueling reactors for the Navy, as well equipment and parts for commercial nuclear power plants. This company is now called BWX Technologies, Inc. and is headquartered in Lynchburg, Va.


  1. quit the ad hominims and threats turd. rotten bastard. just like mofo and metalbeard on enenews. what a dickwad

    1. I know what a typical sociopathic troll. Thinks he can show up at my house and then throw insults. What an asshat, typcial nukist

  2. biggie

    my medtronics 100 does alpha beta gamma at 1027 pm pst in seattle is 700 cpm. started at 930 at 16cpm by 945 was 60cpm

    AnonymousJuly 2, 2015 at 10:23 PM
    my geiger counter is going nuts its a radalert 100 medtronics. went from 16 cpm at 930 pm pacific time here in seattle to 100 cpm by 945pm pst in seattle now at 500. my medtonics 100 does alpha beta gamma. medtronics now at 620cpm in seattle at 10:18 pst holding it stationary 2 feet above ground with window open checking 3 positions in room at 5 minute intervals. still climing. 16 to 640 in less than an hour

    1. You need to calibrate your counts to a source standard. Else counts alone dont mean squat.

    2. That sounds horrible, any update?

    3. Don't listen to the turd, an increase from 16 CPM to 620 CPM does mean squat. Agreed that having a standard source would be nice, you could check the efficiency of your geiger, but certainly not necessary when comparing average background to peaks.

    4. airsept said it might have been ship at bremerton. i was in ballard which is close. i got kind of freaked out so i drove up to the mountains and it subsided. i just had the medtronics calibrated. it is much better today. scary. down to 30 today. this medtronics does alpha but has an lnd 712,

  3. At least in greece they are non nuclear. Greece is one of the sunniest places in Europe with the potential for the most solar power, geothermal power, wave power in the world. The imf finances nuclear power so does the eu . greece will be lucky to get out of eu and away from imf.
    The united state floats on a layer of radioactive ooze. Hundred of opena air tests, underground nukes in 10 states to release natural gas in 60s 70s, Uraniumines tailings. plutonium plants everywhere. 1 trillion gallon of nuclear waste pumped into ground all over us in 60s 70s 80s, radioactive fracking waste, bad mediacl waste of cobalt 60 etc in every city, bad fuk fallout,100 aging reactors some coming close to disaster every week dumping tritium into rivers lakes and ocean each with npp w cooling pools for hi level used nuclear reactor waste 1000s of tons enough to blow up solar system. then all the hi level fallout from japan. santa susana, tmi, idaho meltdown and other covered up nuc accidents. all the bombs. nuclear shis sunk off coast. millions of barrels of nuc waste dumped into sf bay pacific and atlantic. fire in st louis dump by nuclear waste dump. The united states has this plus real economic hell from unemployment homelesness 2.5 million in prisons private prisons as slave labor. Greece is non-nucpear not contaminated. could get away from the wolves and start a renewable renaissance and sell energy to the wolves. thankyou so much


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