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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nuclear Shills and Trolls, Tragic Puppets of Death

From the Fukushima Hounds

This shill and troll issue we are having, AND the reactions of many of us here has brought a light of recognition to me, that some of us don't seem to understand the full impact of the mission we have chosen to be a part of, in becoming a Fukushima Hound. At first, it was a nickname; a handle that Dana called us, but following that, the reality of the true meaning of what it is to be a Fukushima Hound has set in, and we have become quite famous in our battle. (Thanks to all the trolls and shills lolol)

We are fighting a war against the most powerful entity on earth, and it seems to me that some of the Fukushima hounds don't seem to understand that we are not just babbling and complaining, but actually fighting a cold war, against the highest, and most powerful of the elites in this world.

Our mission here is one of literally saving humanity from a full, nuclear extinction event that is, at present, fully underway. We have to realize the seriousness of our chosen mission, and accept that we are going to be attacked on all fronts. The trolls and shills, although some may appear of low intelligence, are controlled by an extremely high, and sociopathic intelligence, and those are the enemies that we are at war with here. The trolls and shills are only their mindless puppets, and all the political bullsh^t is really just that: bullsh^t, and it all pales tremendously when one looks at the battle WE are fighting.

Ours is a fight that is invisible to the masses, but it is, I believe, the most important fight that any group has ever taken on, in the history of the human race as we know it, this time 'round... We ALL have to be warriors of peace, and love here, yet we have to also be STRONG, and spread all the information that we are gathering here, to the masses, because that is the ONLY way we will win this battle for the very survival of our species.

We all have to realize that every move we make online, every post we make, every video we put up, WILL be scrutinized, twisted, and replayed back at us, in a twisted, and demented form; to attempt to discredit us to everyone. The closer we get to revealing the truth to the masses, the harder they attack us. This is, sadly, what we have to accept as the norm, in our newly chosen mission in our lives here, as Fukushima Hounds. This is a badge of reality, truth, and heroism that we carry, but we need not wear that badge polished and shining for all eyes, or attempt to blow our own horns, as our enemy will use that against us.

This is not a popularity contest, or a race to see who can get the most views; it is for us to merely spread the truth that we are gathering and compiling as we go along, and the evidence that Dana and his crew are risking their lives to gather for us. We are becoming more and more educated in the information of our target, and we must continuously further ourselves in this education. Dana has been, and IS our professor, but mostly, our friend. He has educated us well, but it is also for us to take that knowledge he has given us, and continue our search for more knowledge of the nuclear world, so we may not be tripped up in any debate about this ELE event.

This fight is not for the weak of mind, or lack of conviction. This fight is one of intelligence and honor, and we MUST, ALL OF US, posture ourselves with the form of respect and honor, in all that we do within our mission. As a pack of Hounds, we must always guard each other with fierce love, and strength of conviction, so that our enemy will falter and trip in their own lies. Ours is a battle that stands firmly on the ground, and theirs is a battle that stands on slow quicksand. We WILL win this, and bring this to the masses, and I believe we will ALL come through this together, but again, we MUST tread carefully in all that we do and say, as everything we do is under the scrutiny of our enemy...

Let the trolls and shills do their worst, and allow all their work to bring us to the foremost spotlight, as that IS how we will spread this truth to the masses. There will always be the weak of mind that will follow the trolls into the quicksand; their own slaughter, but WE need to stay away from them, and we need to stay focused on our mission of educating ourselves further, and spreading the truth to the masses. Focusing on the negative only brings us into THEIR trenches, and we will surely lose, along with all of humanity, if we stay on the path of attempting to fight with, insult, and argue over the lies they are spreading in their dirty little trenches. They will sink themselves, if we just give them enough berth. Let them make us famous, and then let US, ALWAYS be firm, correct, and honorable, in ALL of our language through our posts, and videos; and throughout all of our movements online.

I have now come to the realization that I have to not be worried about swiftly removing members that are acting in ways that are inappropriate here, as our Den is now under SERIOUS scrutiny, and all of our actions here are read, then twisted and published by the trolls and shills; under the watchful eyes of our enemy. The ONLY private place we have, to be able to express our weaknesses and fears among each other for support, is the private messaging within the Den. Everything we say in our chat area, as well as emails through the public email servers, like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc., etc., are also being watched heavily. My advice is to get an email account with Unseen, here:

Unseen is a private, and I MEAN PRIVATE email server that is out of Iceland, which is NOT under the scrutiny of our NSA; the eyes and ears of our enemy, so everything we write between ourselves within that email server IS PRIVATE. They also now have a chat area, as well as a video calling area, which AGAIN, is completely private from the NSA. With their software, we can also have private video conferences among ourselves, Lets ALL use it! We need to get away from the public email servers!!! Once you have an email account set up with unseen, send me a PRIVATE message here in the Den, with your unseen email account name, and I will also give you mine, so we can have a free, and truly un-seen communication among ourselves. This will be our first step of truly moving underground with our communications. We will need to be using the DEN, from now on, for our INFORMATION and the spreading of that information to the masses.

I am proud to be a Hound, along with you all, and am looking forward to when we can have truly private chatting as well as video conferences with each other on "unseen."

With that said, I again want to tell you how much I love you all, and add that we all have to send all the love, healing, and positivity we can towards Geoff in his dark hour, so he can heal, and come back home to us.

...and as a final note, we need to celebrate our pet trolls and shills, as they have made us famous. Newcomers, whether brought to us through the troll's and shill's nonsense, or our own videos, will determine for themselves whether they want to accept our truths or not. We have to believe that it is the majority that will see the truth, no matter how difficult it is to accept, and will also join us in spreading the truths, so something can be figured out, to entomb the Fukushima mess.

Your Hound Sis,
Kate ...hugs

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  1. Old but still relevant and too bad Geoff passed. The nuclear gov industry is backed by those whom we can rightfully call out as agents provocateur for in every turn against the nonukes crowd they try to incite us to commit acts which will be regretted - if we fall in their traps. The activities of trolls ought be put in the right light - obstructionists of justice and shit stirrers so we may drop them before they even bite at us.


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