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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NWO Plot With Financial Terrorists Exposed Gets 20,000 Hits, Bikini Girls Cliff Jumping Gets 100,000,000 Hits

Max Keiser Exposes The Greek Debt As Financial Terrorism, As a Way For Germany To Exert Effective Control Over The EU as Some Sort of 4th Reich to Facilitate Power Consolidation And Wealth By the Super Rich Who Want to Never Have Any Serious Threat to Their Power, Ever Again

20,000 Hits

Bikini Girls Cliff Jumping Do your part to get this to 100,000,000 hits Only 900,000 more hits needed, whilst Rome burns, lol Fiddle around much?

Well at Least the Death of the Pacific Ocean gets more hits than Max Keiser

Death of Pacific = 177,000 Hits
Bikini Girls         = 99,100,000 Hits

Financial Plot to Takeover the World Forever = 20,000

Fiddle much whilst Rome Burns?


  1. The Greeks will be better off and so will the rest of the world if they can get off the nuclear gravy train. The Germans make money selling nuclear subs to Israel. The French make money selling missles, selling aircraft carriers to Russia, and npps around the world. The British sell missiles and jets that can carry nukes and mine a lot of Uranium around the world. Most of the so-called solvent Europeans are way better off than Greece, as far as exports and income because, of the nuclear gravy train. America crashed the world economy in 2007 and now the troika is leaning on Greece like a loanshark payday loan company. Greece can count their lucky stars they are off the nuclear gravy train and that they can try to live sustainably now

    1. Indeed, this could be a tipping point for the overall good. Screw the NWO asshats that be and the horses of the Apocalypse they are trying to ram down our throats.

  2. Compare the proud Greeks to the nuked Japanese.

    1. Indeed, from your link

      Japan: Nuclear Suicide

      Be Quite While Nuclear Power
      Murders Your Family

      Kamikaze Land Introduces Hari Kari Laws: To stop the Japanese media reporting Fukushima's victims chronic health problems - caused by the ongoing nuclear reactor meltdowns poisoning the Japanese food and water supply. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe introduced a Nuclear Secrets Law. Anyone posting the truth about fatal nuclear waste faces 10 years jail time.

      Japan’s Hari Kari censorship is being gleefully aided and abetted by the ghoulish global media blackout - keeping nuclear accidents out of the public eye. also see Queen's Media Liars ignore the nuclear truth "in the public interest".


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