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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oregon Covers Up the Fact That All the Fish Are Dying, With a State Wide Fishing Ban

H/T Female Faust see link below

I talked to ODFW's Public Information Officer, Rick Suart, and he talked with the biologists while we were on the phone. It was the consensus of the biologists that these were Willametter River salmon, trying to make it up the Willamette to the McKenzie River, but diverting into the Clackamas River to escape the hot temperatures of the Willamette River. But the Clackamas River was also dropping in water level, and heating up in the hot weather.

 Oregon: First-Ever Statewide Fishing Ban Coincides With, But Does Not Cite, Widespread Unexplained Fish Die-Offs (In Some Areas Mortality Near 100%)


  1. Google any of these titles:
    Here are lots of links about fish and or the Ocean issues...

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  2. thx for the implicit h/t. no nukes, man.

  3. Dad wants to keep eating fish bones in his homemade canned sockeye (skin too), despite my warnings and extensive efforts at relaying info about Strontium 89/90, where it accumulates, and what Leukemia is.
    He's already a survivor, and i am scared shitless! Am near wits end, yet don't want to be silent nor overload his "donkey cart".

    Is there anything anybody could share that i could relay to him that is credibly convincing, yet fit for somebody with the attention span for topics somebody might find disinteresting or inconvenient? Thank you.

    1. here's 1,000 links over 6 years for you to show your father put together by Kelly Ann Thomas from

    2. DUD, send him this picture of what strontium does to your bones.


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