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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Radiation Food Testing -- Nukepro To Set Up a Full On Food Testing Lab For People to Mail in Food Samples

This is very topical, I decided yesterday to set up a real food testing lab for radiation.

There will be some fairly serious money involved, and I am just putting together the plan.

Current thinking is to use the Kickstarter Website which functions as a fund raising /crowd funding mechanism.

Those who donate $50 or more will then get the chance to send in a food sample and get a test report back with interpretation.

Its kind of exciting.   I think it will go over very well.   Details will follow, I have family in town and it is "festival season" so my time is limited for the next 3 weeks.
A blog follower from Alaska sent some feedback from his food coop regarding radiation.   It seems that they are getting it wrong at every level, even apparently (pHD) people who should know better, or at least know when they do not know enough.

I mentioned the food testing for radiation at the Co-op board meeting last week. The only seafood they purchase from outside AK is shrimp, so the General Manager will inquire about testing done by the State of WA.

Angela Matz (PhD wildlife toxicologist) is on the board.  She said that living organisms don't retain radiation, so salmon and other fish coming back to AK pose little risk, and testing so far is within background levels.  (Rich Seifert noted that Doug Dasher of UAF is involved in the periodic testing of wildlife near Amchitka Island and that similar findings have been noted there also.) Food harvested in the exposure zone (western Pacific) could be of potential danger, which is why we are inquiring about the shrimp.  The primary concern presently is shellfish and stationary marine foods along the west coast of the N.A.
He wanted a counter argument, so I put together the following:

Dude, I can’t do too much today, but try this.

Living organisms do not just retain radiation, but they bioaccumulate radiation, sometimes 100’s or 1000’s of time the ambient radiation.

Here is the most potent information that I have ever data mined, and it pertains exactly to sealife in Alaska.  
In June of 2011, government scientists were already scheduled to do broad radiation testing of sealife in Alaska.    This was not related to Fukushima.

They found that the increase in radiation from Fukushima increased from a low background to a super high level that was found after direct nuclear bomb testing in Alaska in the 1960’s.     Wrap your head around that.

In particular, CS137 in lichen in Amchitka prior to Fukushima was around 2.5 Bq/kG dry weight.    After Fukushima, in June 2011, before the process of biomagnification even got into full swing, the radiation had rocketed up to 250 Bq/kG…..100 times higher, and certainly already at unsafe levels.    30 Bq/kG has been shown to be very damaging to animals.


Considering the mass animal die-offs  of recent years, it would be irresponsible not to test food products, as something big is going on.

Additional ideas submitted by captdd at my blog

Google any of these titles:
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  1. Hey, Stock,

    About closing Palisades -- I'll try to make this simple. I am asking constituents in the towns surrounding Palisades to submit a letter to their city councils or commissions asking that they pass a resolution requesting (demanding?) that Palisades be closed. We did this in Chicago about the Ontario Power Generation L.Huron dump. Mayor Emanuel introduced it himself and it passed. Whether OPG will dump the dump is another question.

    My idea was to start the letter going (I wrote it and passed it through Arnie Gunderson); then Bruce Brown of SWMchigan Sierra Club said he would help get it to people he knows in the towns around Palisades. In the letter I focused on an internal accident that could cause the brittle reactor vessel to crack or shatter. Arnie said an earthquake would not be the problem.

    Then I used the Chicago Council resolution as a template for a "fantasy" resolution to give compatible councils something to go on to write their resolutions. Entergy is the corp that runs Palisades. Yankee Rowe in MA was closed when it was younger than Palisades because it faced Palisades's embrittlement problems when they were not as bad.

    I'm encouraged by your statement from at least two years ago that Palisades has to be closed. You hear this from everyone in the know.

    I know that the problems at Palisades are greater than “just” embrittlement, but that is the main focus of why it must be closed.

    I'd love to hear from you and any of your fans that want to help with this project. Jan Boudart, Rogers Park, Chicago.


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