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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cesium And Bioaccumulation in Fish and Movement in Soils

A dear reader sent in this comment and great source material.

Hey stock,

You were asking a few days back for info on cesium137 in fish, etc.

"PROOF that fish accumulate a lot of Cesium137 --->

“Pendleton et al. state that Cs137 is even more available to organisms
living in aquatic environments than in terrestrial environments, and,
because of the trophic level effect already cited, predacious fish may
accumulate this nuclide up to 10,000 times the level in the water.

Comar reports that Cs137 is concentrated in the flesh of aquatic organisms
by a factor of 5 to 20 over that of the surrounding water and Gustafson reports high concentrations of Cs137 in fresh water fish.”

Page 29:

^^^ that document has a lot of good information on cesium137 including how it acts in soil, for example:

"Downward movement of cesium In undisturbed soils is even less than 137 strontium. After five years, 50 to 80 per cent of added Cs remained in the upper 5 centimeters with little penetration below 10 centimeters."

And so much more information. Definitely recommend you sinking your teeth into that doc.
stock here: hey! thanks for the great reference material

here is the document embedded, you can use the link above, or download it here.

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