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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Almost 1000 Nuclear Plant Workers Busted for Drugs and Alcohol in 2013, 10 for Heroin

The USA's nuclear plants are owned by greedy corporations using druggies and alcoholics to run the nuclear plants.

Second reportable employee incident at Pilgrim nuclear plant in two weeks

Sheesh, but it is not just Pilgrim, the oldest and most potentially damaging plant, it is a nationwide problem. 

And after a pronuker gave me a link to an internal NRC document, I discovered the drug problem is accelerating in the most dangerous class of worker....the supervisors and the licensed REACTOR OPERATORS!   See highlighted screen cap below

In 2013, The following is the reported test results.   You can be assured that there are some personal relationships in these areas where nukes are....usually small towns, away from big towns, and that many more tests were covered up or the person was "given a talking to" and allowed to clean up and retest without a report.

(10) Workers CAUGHT doing Heroin

(123) "Workers" tested positive for cocaine

(480) Workers tested positive for Marijuana.   Is marijuana worse than alcohol, well it all depends.   Does maijuana cause people to make ridiculous, plain non-thinking mistakes where assumptions are made that are completely false, and thus can cause problems of any magnitude.........YES.

(238) Showed up "ready for work", but were legally drunk.

Note that (105) workers refused to take the random tests when they came up.

This is in ONE YEAR Folks!!!

That's a total of 851 Drug and Alcohol busts at US Nuclear plants in 1 year!   And another 105 who refused so obviously they were guilty.

But have no fear, the NRC gives them 14 days off (they don't state if it is paid or not) and gives them some counseling.
stock here: A pro-nukist was trying to minimize the damage of my publishing this information, his efforts really didn't pay off.   The deeper you dig, the more appalling is the reality.

 Lie Maker Michael Mann

From your link "According to numbers compiled by the NRC, a total of 137 employees across the country tested positive for an illegal substance or alcohol in 2013: 65 for alcohol, 44 for marijuana, 16 for cocaine, and eight for amphetamines" It doesn't match your comment.
So the pro nuker tried to minimize by quoting stats on only the direct employees, not the service organizations, suppliers, hired maintenance, and subcontractors.

The response to him was

screw you, you provide intentional deception. This is a direct quote. You try to squeeze out the real stats by quoting only the direct employees.....its employees and contractors. Everyone subcontracts. They are even more dangerous, you have less control, but its a "greed plan" I mean business plan to make more money.
Meanwhile, Burm pointed out, more than 900 contractors and vendors
serving American plants failed drug and alcohol testing during that same
time: 436 tested positive for marijuana and 173 for alcohol, 107 tested
positive for cocaine, 76 for amphetamines, and nine for opiates. One
hundred two refused to be tested.
Then the pro nukist tried to pretend the stats were less because some people got caught before they got into the plant......i.e. "pre access testing" and provided this link.    They always hang themselves with their own links once I data mine the link.

And look at these "harsh penalties" for the pre-access testing, before they got into the building.....

A positive pre-access test for any individual prevents that individual from gaining access to the NRC-licensed facility for at least 14 days.

So 2 weeks later, the nuke workers try again, after cleansing their system with some purchased drug removal kits.....

The NRC and the Radiation Cartel needs these workers who have expensive and specialized skills, even more so now that nuclear is dying.     Therefore they tolerate drug abuse and let them keep coming back.
And its not just the operations of the plants were the workers are routinely busted for drugs.   Its the construction of the plants, in particular, Vogtle the so called "next generation nuke".
Eighty contract workers at Plant Vogtle, near Waynesboro in eastern Georgia, failed drug screenings in 2011 and were denied access, or evicted from, the nuclear facility, reports the Augusta Chronicle.
The information was obtained by the newspaper from reports filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Most of the workers at the nuclear plant were associated with the construction zone where site work is being done for the planned addition of Vogtle’s Units 3 and 4, a spokeswoman with Southern Nuclear told the Augusta paper.
“It shows the process is working as it should,” she said, adding that 3,933 vendors and contractors were evaluated for access during 2011.


  1. heh, curious how only a small number get reported out publicly

    1. like, they'll be accountable?!

    2. No, they will tell you bald faced, no shame, how they just sent these "true believers" to counseling, and then they came back without increased inspection.

  2. They are no different than any professionals. Surgeons are high all the time.

    1. Exactly, and that is why humans and nuclear should never mix on the same planet. But thanks....I added that the Lie of Nuke with proper attribution.

    2. Hey, thanks! That explains my scars.

      Holy shit! It's worse than we thought. The auto industry of the 70's and 80's was likely just a sneak preview then. We are so screwed!

      Charles Burns: Say, who's that in the DeLorean?
      Smithers: Thats Homer J. Simpson, Mister Burns.

  3. "Far out, man!" - Thomas Chong

    Is "one-eyeing" on the job a dead give-away?
    Or is it an industrial-sized supply of lozenges?
    Perhaps it's the odd person who forgets utensils for lunch & unthinkingly uses their coke-spoon instead. Why do so many appear to have incredibly short straws on their juice packs? "juice packs" ... hmmm.
    Do they really find the odd "Hunter S. Thompson" in the Control Room?
    Quote: "There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. "
    Beer is possibly the least of problems though. Compared to our beer north of 49, that's practically Near Beer. Trailer Park Boys, meet Homer J. Simpson. D'OH!!!

    From the number of heroin users, i wonder how many have OD'ed due to Phentanyl et al. Do they report the issue, or is the "issue" simply disposed of? ... and then there are the legal drugs. Aye carumba!
    What of those surviving cancer that need Phentanyl, etc?

    Here is a thought. How about mandatory drug testing, instead of random, hmm?

    final Quote: "There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning."

  4. Go ask the FAA for their statistics on drug use. How many surgeons are high? Drugs are a human problem not a nuclear problem.

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    1. If you want to do something about it...get your pipefitting, rigging or welding certs. Join the union and get on the nuke. That'll be one less intoxicated worker on the job. Until you do that , wipe your tears and go hug a tree.

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