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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fukushima Camera Watchers, and New and Alternate Spot Continue Discussions and Reach a Broad Audience

I used to post articles on "reddit", but then lost my access to a hushmail account I was using, because I didn't use it often enough.

reddit is a great organization for open discussions, promotion of causes.  They are reliable, and they are a professional organization.

They won't sell you out, meaning they won't give out any personal information (i.e. your email) with a court ordered document that is legit.  
Background: There are a bunch of excellent and time committed Fukushima Camera Watchers who strive fill in the blanks of the void of proper news coverage of Fukushima.

They have for over 4 years held discussions at ENENEWS on a special forum, which is "often broke".    ENENEWS went down hard for a whole day last week.    The Admin has provided a great service being an excellent news aggregator and not lets Fukushima fall into the shadows, whilst it continues to spew radiation and heavy metals.

Cam Watchers and Off Topic posters are worried that the whole forum and their ability to communicate with each other could potentially go away at any time.....this would be a crying shame.

New Fukushima Camera Watchers forum at reddit

I sent a request today to create the subreddit underlined above.

The initial computer response was that I didn't have a long enough sign up period, so I sent a request for variance to create this anyway.   We will see what happens.

I recommend that you all get a free reddit account today.    It's easy, and they will work to protect your privacy too.     When the government insists on coverups, it is not crazy to take simple step to protect privacy.   Make it hard on the bastards.

If you also sign up through a free hushmail account, that is an extra step of protection, an additional court order to get to the "real you", I guess that means providing your IP address, computer people will know more than I.

Sign up HERE

Choose "create an account" on the upper right hand side

Here is a flyer from reddit on their security policy

And here is a summary, they only release information on a valid court order.
In 2014, we successfully fought back against
two civil subpoenas that sought to unmask
more than a dozen anonymous users


  1. Thanks, Stock

    Webcam watchers can get started here with
    Screenshots and a video of emissions noted by Bo and

    Please share links to more webcam evidence

  2. and, if they don't approve your request, 31 Aug I'll probably qualify to set up the subreddit.

    1. I haven't heard anything Monday noon, but no huge rush.

    2. keep the dialog going everywhere possible, here is the secure reddit site for Fukushima WebCam Watch -

  3. also: getting great, focused & valuable questions at encourage others to join in!

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