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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool 4, Burnup, Meltout, Nuclear Explosion also?

stock here.
lol, a reply to codeshutdown
Sheesh bro (or sis), it's the melted MOX from the equipment pool, it picked up some steel and shite along it short traverse to the "right", was cooler than the melting point of steel at the point of slumping out, hit a few pressurized tanks or pipes which blasted some of it.

It wasn't that radioactive, since it was fresh fuel....mostly Alphas that stop in a few CM of they bulldozed the whole kit and kaboodle into the ocean with remote or even kamakazie bulldozer drivers....then they cemented the bottom of the harbor several times to handle those pesky high plutonium readings the USA and French MOX industry asked them to "be discreet with to prevent panic and illness due to fear".


phillipupnorth (in da UP eh?) posts some good stuff
I pulled out his picture links and put this into a very consumable format

One commenter suggested that it could be corium sitting on the steel pipe because corium would melt the pipe.    Below pictures show that it is possible as steel has a significantly higher melting point than uranium (95% of the corium is uranium)

 PhilipUpNorth August 6, 2015 at 3:17 pm

  Last time (I hope) to answer SFP 4 Deniers:

 The photo on the left side is the north wall of Unit 4: 

Note the meltout flowing out of the 4 th floor missing panel, down the outside of the building, and pooling on the big vent pipe. Where did this meltout originate?

Cross section of GE Mark 1 reactor similar to Unit 4.

Note that the Equipment Pool isn't as deep as the SFP on the opposite side if the PCV. The bottom of the EP is on the 4th floor. Note that the EP abuts the outer wall of the reactor building.

Photo of Yellow Corium exiting from 4th floor, out of the bottom of EP. 

Another view of the corium exiting north wall of Unit 4:

Note the corium blob on top of the big vent pipe. What could it be?

PattieB (reposted from ENEnews) July 23, 2013 at 7:02 pm Log in to Reply yes…

257 rods @ 1200 lbs.. 700 lbs each rod average is fissionable.. these were breeders with 1/3 Pu-139/Pu-140/Pu-141 in them.

Not nice.. and that's not counting the #3pool blast… most of that transmuted to U-234 by the air sample over-flight data.

But then that's not even counting the MOX rods, nor the U-235/238's that had partial transmutation of Pu-239 in them.


Codeshutdown contributed some links that support earlier leaks/fires/explosions from Fukushima, here they are

Hey stock, I think you could make a strong case that U3 and U4 pools were heavily damaged and involved in the explosions with a concurrent release of radionuclides to the environment. The significance is that this exposes the lies of TEPCO and the nuke cartel, like safe spent fuel removal. It illustrates the dangers inherent to spent fuel pools. It adds one more fissile reactor building (#4) to the three. The most hyped fear that Unit4 SFP could emit radioactivity may have already been a reality. So do it

Stohls paper is good evidence U4 SFP was releasing considerable radioactivity

overview of Unit3 blast dynamic


  1. There were no 185 keV phot on signatures. Read Gilmore. You have your answer no sig no uranium.

    1. Right, why haven't you shown me the data logs from those "plant measurement devices". Could it be that no plant devices were working? LOL

    2. Mmmm... that was because STUXNET was running via a ZPM, which was apparently installed by Jim Stone's ghost-writer Happy Gilmore on all non-Siemens m7 PLC's via BadUSB through mystic modem interface (AKA "ethereal") onto discrete electronics typical of the period.


  2. Multiple Fukushima Spent Fuel Pools Burned And Vaporized, Plutonium MOX Fuel Vaporized And Traveled All Around The World On Jet Stream

  3. Thanks for adding the Arnie/ zircaloy (think that's the spelling) video.
    I still say, especially after more research today, the number-four that had fuel rods removed ( if any did ) was Daini.
    The rods from Daiichi-4 removed themselves, via fire and water; combusting themselves, and allowing the fuel pellets to fall out, after many were (early on) blown out. This is why there were pellets found ALL OVER FUKUSHIMA (and i do not mean only the plants.)

  4. Oh, and regardless of fuel removal or not, WHERE would Tepco then place this fuel? Where are the dry-casks? Wet-casks? Casks, at all?
    I asked Philip but am yet to see his response. I think he doesn't like me due to my refusing to believe Daiichi-4 was, "decommissioned", cuz that has to be a joke of some sort.

    1. It is as if there were a rip in the fabric of the space-time continuum or something. That is, considering the differing viewpoints between the FOIA documents on Enformable, contrasted by TEmPCOn's seemingly "magic defuelling".

      The pyramid-shaped handles, as previously noted by PattieB, are an intriguing extra unordered "side-of-fries" in this Mega-Super-Sized UnHappy Meal, neh?

      Am glad people are asking questions, and am hopeful it continues without ad-homenim. Very destructive harmonics that creates.

      Hydrogen vents apparently failed on "Eunuchs" numbered 1, 3 & 4.

    2. I often wonder why HP made such accusations of PattieB, so i defer to Enformable for FOIA docs, as a personal choice.

      Should i effort to link to photo(s) of pyramid-shaped handles in SFP?

  5. Am having a hell of a time trying to find article from late 2011 to early 2012 where either the underneath of SFP4 or EP4 had to be repaired and reinforced, presumably because of a hole or something.
    I remember seeing it on FD, yet struggling to find. Can anyone help, please?

    1. Dud, try this for a start, timeframe, etc

    2. Thank you.
      Additional info found here -->
      via within daiichi-111711-02.pdf pg#22(26/34) noted as "[Countermeasure 71]" ... "Completed Jul 30, 2011"
      However; in daiichi-111711-03.pdf pg#8/8 it is noted as "[Countermeasure 26]" for SFP4 only, and both indicate similar work to be done to other units.

  6. Quote of Dr. Goodheart: "Fukushima Spent Fuel Equipment Pool #4 Contained A Full Load of MOX Plutonium Fuel; It Melted Down, Exploded, Burned and Melted Out; via @AGreenRoad
    " quoted from:

    *** IR photos, etc.:

    Quote: "Doesn't the above picture look like a melt out at the bottom, in two different places, which matches the golden colored lava that later turned black?"

    Respectfully, no sir. The wall blown inwards on the right-hand side corresponds, does it not? That is the same side as "Eunuch" #3 and the golden/black mass, is it not? There does appear to be some kind of heat signature obscured or "muted" by the concrete slabs above. Note that i have thusfar failed to review the other IR photos though.

    Also noting that nowhere have i found any review of percentage of original fuel mass claimed to have been recovered at "Eunuch" #4. Anyone?

    [OT] Also, what does SFP3/4 fuel loss do to Pacific Ocean decay heat calculations, if assuming top 100 feet holds majority of "nukular" pollution "dilution"? (work backwards from size of "blob(s)" for comparison, perhaps) [/OT]

    1. Dud see newish article at nukepro, search for decay heat

  7. Also, if building(s) filled with Hydrogen gas, what was Oxidizing Agent(s) (not necessarily, at least initially, Oxygen)?
    Note that H2 vents only opened on "Eunuch" #2, iirc. [OT] Was Daiini in any way similar to Daiichi "Eunuch" #2? [/OT]

  8. Spent Fuel Dry Cask Storage Strategy For Fukushima:


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