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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ian Goddard Debunks MIT Study on Low Level Radiation Exposure!

Ian Goddard Debunks MIT Study on Low Level Radiation Exposure!



MIT Promotes Lesser control on Nuclear and then gets a large grant

 MIT Awarded Nuclear Promotion Grant:


  1. check this out in a thread between bo and sam ,jebus about sam going to a conference with moussou and buesseler to some pointed questions of buesseler. Hillbillyhounddog the new entity that came along when the dark energy came in with aunavoz at the time fad was getting people to comment to include hormesis as a valid parameter for raising background levels took a big fat crap in the thread with this gibberish mess. note it is on page three of the topic about trees from fuku diary that had already petered out. also note there are few forums that work on enenews anymote.

    Qoute From Hillbilly hounddog the new troll on the block

    "Seems to me someone is trying real hard to siderail the current topic….hmmm…wonder why it's such a touchy subject….

    I think Luckey foresaw the blob in his experiments and mistakenly applied it to human hormetics….when in fact, as shown with the mold issues in Japan and abroad of late, simpler organisms such as pLANKTOn, algae and mold- proliferate in extreme radiogenic conditions- not to be mistaken for hormesis- or applied to more complicated organisms…such as butterflies, trees and humans. There are no herrings that will live to tell, however."

  2. Another memorable quote from hillbilly hounddog on enenews tonigh stock. sorry to be off topic but i am tellin you they are out after the hormesis nrc proposal. after the restart of the npps in japan. knoe you are a tweeker and phony so do yur best.

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    September 2, 2015 at 2:43 am
    You again? I said (to make it easier for you) that I have friends @ the FBI. So do you, You just don't know it yet. And yes, I also said I was on administrative leave for calling a nuketard a fuk*tard. My bad. I get the two confused sometimes. Anything else?
    And sorry, CSFNJ, I know I'm off the porch again…My momma always said…"When arguing with an idiot, make sure he aint doin the same." Now…where was I? Oh, yes…how's about that lunch, Can? You might actually learn something from me…or vice versa…

  3. sorry to be so off topic stock. The pronukers wanna say that low level ionizing radiation does not hurt you. that its ok to raise environmental radiation limits because there is radiation hormesis. That irradiated filthy food in filthy processing plants does not hurt the food or make it radioactive. Ken Buesseler says that natural potassium with K40 in it is more dangerous than cesium137.

    This is the grand finale by the new troll hillbilly hounddog. In a subject that has worked up for months about the triue nature of K40 as an isotope of k that has been an essential part of life for billions of years code, jeb, b sa, pw evolved a dialog to debunk buesseler when he compares cesium137 to k40.

    September 2, 2015 at 2:13 am Log in to Reply
    why yu and anne tryin so hard to mess up the buesseler thread hillbilly? im not gonna do it. hope you and anne dont

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    September 2, 2015 at 3:00 am
    Consider it done, champ.

    Thanks hhd

  4. we all remember hillbilly hounddog as western kentucky man at enenews. he was is a troll like aunavoz. pretty devious. ppetends to be antinuke then rears backnits ugly head like all dpuble agent trlls and shows its prpnuke colors

  5. Low level radiation has not been proven harmful to humans. Babies and children flourish in Denver, Ramsar Iran and the like. Radiation once it's on its way to the target, doesn't care where its from. It's a quanta of energy. I don't know why you antinukes don't get it. Fire born naturally or from man made sources still has specific energy characteristics that are imutable. The samw way the effects of fire that burns at 500 degrees is the main thing and is indistinguishable from its origin. You people try to rationalize K40 as some dual type of radioactive isotope. It emits an energetic photon regardless of origin.

    1. "once the pro nukist plays the Ramsar card, you have already won the argument"

      George Carlin, lol


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