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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nuke Cartel Paying Newspapers to Publish Nuclear Promotion Articles, Busby, and Dr Ryan Weigh in on Debunks

 The nuke industry paid this newspaper to publish a bunch of drivel such as

Though in 1986, the physical effects of the Chernobyl nuclear power accident were much worse on nearby residents, a 2006 study performed by the United Nations on the worldwide effects of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant determined that the accident’s “most serious public health issue” was adverse effects on the mental health of the public. The United Nations report said that poor communication about the health risks “associated with radiation levels made the problem worse.” Additionally, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and general depression remained at much higher than normal levels 20 years after the accident in the surrounding area.
Story here
But they got more than they bargained for, since it is Sunday, the pro nuclear web/blog trolls aren't working, instead they got honesty from a lot of people.

They got bitchslapped
Frank Energy ·
nuke is not safe, not clean, not even cheap

His 65B number is amazing because it matches my spreadsheet calculations I did a few weeks back at 64.8B cost to complete and operate for 30 years.

That results in a cost of 15 cents per kWH

Data is here, you can download the spreadsheet too if you wish.
...See More
Eileen Mahood-Jose ·
Increased leukemia, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, infant mortality, birth defect, miscarriage, and plant and animal mutation rates in the plumes of Fukushima are not in our imaginings but in the data obtained by health departments and analyzed by epidemiologists. Anyone who says differently is profiting from the nuclear industry.
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Andrew John Lawrence ·
No one cares about nuclear propaganda. Anyone who does is a liar or idiot.
Erica Gray
Ask these researches to go visit the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station and come back after personally taking radiation readings inside each the three buildings where the melted cores have left the reactor vessesl and then let us know what fear is all about.
Adrien Burke The pictures our media won't publish. . . . Frightening birth defects around Chernobyl.
Nuclear Hotseat
Total propaganda. False assurances, because the impact takes years to show up... but it does show up. Birth defects, cancers, infant mortality, mutations -- it's not emotion that's causing the thyroid nodules, bloody noses and weakened immunity in Fukushima children. This is nuclear industry BS.
Dale Clark ·
LYING bullshit from paid trolls, this "study" is propaganda from the nuke industry.
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from Brian Donovan on an Energy Blog

Awesome paper by Busby:
Busby looked at nuclear industry and pro nuclear gov agencies way of calculating exposure versus cancers and realized that was absurd. Radioactive materials don't go out equally in every direction. they are concentrated in rivers, with wind patterns and such.
Sure enough, you find lots of excess cancers in the areas with the concentrated radioactive exposures.
He also notes that using rare cancer like thyroid make epidemiological studies less accurate than using common cancers like breast cancer.
Nuclear industry causes millions of cancers. a million each from the two well known disasters. We have no idea how bad Fukushima will be, since it's still leaking.
Nuclear is the most expensive, slowest to install, deadliest, deadly wastes for a million years, out of proven reserve of fuels in 3 years of supplying the world total energy needs, and the least flexible to changing grid demands.
Only massive gov breaks keep the nuclear welfare queen alive. 50 times solar, more per Mwh over it's history as well.
Study this site, Dr Ryan is not even against nuclear power, he's just cold blooded when it comes to evaluating it's chances.
Every myth presented in the comments below have been thoroughly, logically and scientifically debunked by Dr Ryan. That's why I use it as the go to link.


  1. Face it these ☢ Infomercials are just more Nuclear "Pie in the $KY" talk which is really just more Nuclear Begging for ever more R&D funds....

    Get serious, Solar (of all flavors) can be installed instead and it will produce PROVEN SAFE CLEAN NON Nuclear Energy for 3-5 decades with no RISK (did I forget to say that it will also cost much less?).

    1. Indeed CaptD, the lies of nukists need to come to and end, with their failed technology.


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